When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying a  new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, and creeds, and who by their actions shall make the Earth green again.  They shall be known as Warriors of the Rainbow.” Old Indian Prophecy.
For me the Universal Laws are following all that is natural. The use of sun and air and water and positive thought as our first healers and as the way to prevent illnesses.
When we eat the wrong type of food waste and toxins accumulate. The body’s ability to fight infections is lessened and mucus builds up.
Learning how to eat correctly gives you tremendous power over your life. If there was one thing could have taught my children it would have been that we live in a false and programmed world and if they know the reality and the authentic way to live they will overcome many things.
It is important to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated, staving off constipation, and keeping urine from becoming too acidic.
Spend time in the beautiful energy of the sun. Not overdoing it but taking in the great healing of the sun. yOU can also learn of sun gazing which is a very beautiful way of drinking in energy.
Dr. Christopher said there was only one disease–blockage. Our whole system needs to be running smoothly and without restriction for us to have vibrant health. Our bowel, our blood our lymph and our mind our emotions too. This divinely designed system will always come through for us and heal us if we have not destroyed it to such a degree that the body has nothing left to work with. With faith and understanding of the truth of Vitalism we are able to return to those things which support and not only heal our body, but also keep it in excellent working order. Correct food allows this.
Your affirmations must be specific and believable.
Speak in present tense… I Am… not I am going to or I need or want to.
Using Affirmations can help to change our mindset. You can easily create your own or just google the hundreds on the Internet. I like to put them on my walls or mirrors or record them on my iPhone. The more you write or speak or listen to them the more that they will affect your mind.
You can also use music in the background if you are recording.
Make the affirmations specific and ones you are able to believe. You may want to speak of the specific actions you’re going to take
Of course I did not know and my life was miserable and I was very ill most of the time. I regard the wisdom I have learned as one of my greatest gifts. In fact if I did not have this wisdom everything else would not have a lot of meaning. You see our food really and truly is our medicine and our medicine is our food. It may seem simple but I promise you your health rests upon your understanding of this. Have you watched “Forks Over Knives”? Watch it. Your life could depend on it. Read Dr. John Ray Christopher’s biography. It was this book that changed my life forever. I read it in one sitting and cried the whole time I read it. The information was so awesome. I knew after reading that book that as Dr. Christopher says, “There are no incurable diseases. None. Only incurable people.” Even though I know what I know I still cheat as I eat my food. I still get drawn into the world’s way of eating but I am getting better and better and I have devised tips to share with you and how to make the transition easier.

I was speaking this morning with a young man who asked me what I meant about the artificial and the authentic. I answered, “Well we have 20 million children in the world on psychiatric drugs. We have food that is devalued at best and often highly addictive filled with chemicals and in my opinion poisonous to us. I follow the teachings of The Essenes and in ‘The Holy Meghillah’ (a holy book written thousands years ago in Aramaic) it speaks of our times. It tells of the wrappers of our food becoming our shroud. It tells of the waters being poisoned and of the power and greed that will be in our time. It also tells of the simplicity of true life and the many gifts all around us free for our taking. We have been given all we need and we are like the song that says, “Standing knee deep in a river, dying of thirst.” Talking about water the “Holy Megillah’ also speaks of water as the physical manifestation of the love of God. I think that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I think of it now when the rain falls. The Creator’s love falling from heaven. If you don’t like the word God change it to whatever suits you but for me it is impossible to imagine that a Higher Power did not create this beautiful world. Of course man comes along and thinks he can do a better job. He takes the plants and dissects them and creates drugs and calls it good. No, it was good and in perfect order before man came along and changed it into a substance with tons of side effects. Water is your greatest medicine. The rules if you can call them that, for all that is natural and good are very simple. As for water – drink it. It is as simple as that and yet we forget or drink other substances. I advise you put your water out first thing in the morning. Put it in a pitcher or sometimes I pour out seven or eight glasses and leave them on my dining room table and it reminds me how much water I’ve had throughout the day. Doing that alone can change things in your body.

Your diet becomes really simple once you realize it is the food from the earth and the trees. Kissed by the sun, watered by the rain, not filled with chemicals and altered. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and the more alive your food is the better.

So, if you are changing over to a mucusless diet let me give you some tips. The reason I asked you to watch ‘Forks over Knives’ is because you will see the tremendous negative effect meat is having on us. If you are going to keep eating meat then eat organic and keep studying. Hopefully you don’t have to wait until you are nearly dying like most of us do before we are ready to change.

If you have to eat canned instead of fresh buy canned food in to fall back upon. While I transitioned I had canned food on hand. Not the best but better than turning to pizza and pop. I am not telling you to restrict yourself to the point you never allow yourself anything you used to love. Just be aware. Understand what it is doing to you. Don’t be asleep.

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so I am going to redirect you to herballegacy.com This is the marvelous site of ‘The School of Natural Healing.’ where I studied. You can study nutrition and herbalism on line and then if you want to become a Master Herbalist you will be able to go for a wonderful week to Springville Utah to graduate. (Grtitude if you mention my name if ever you sign up as I receive commission)  You will experience a week packed full of information and fabulous people. I promise you that once you get serious about this kind of authentic living your life will change for the better and all kinds of doors open. Namaste my friends.

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