When we choose love we don’t make excuses about why we have chosen to love someone. We simply love and in that loving we see ourselves in another’s eyes or words.

We take complete responsibility for our lives and we see our part in it. And it is so beautiful.

And we choose love. We choose love for our SELF. We choose to love our self so much that we refuse to allow anything to come between us and our peace of mind.

We STOP …. we look in the mirror at our own self and we assess the situation and choose love.
We focus upon things that bring us joy. We choose to say to ourselves, “I choose to see the good.” We choose Love by refusing to allow these negative thoughts to continue to grow.’ But HOW? How do you do that?

You do it by LOVE. You do it by realizing that everything that happens in your life is directed by YOUR thoughts and beliefs. You do it by realizing that every thought and belief that brings you sarcasm or criticism or pain or numbed out feelings or defense or anything that blocks the truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE is not love.

You recognize the counterfeit. Love is not and never will be an easy giving in and sentimentally begging for change or wallowing in sadness. Neither is it punishment or revenge or not speaking for weeks or years or seeing the other person as to blame.

Love protects you as well as them.

You choose love. You choose light. You CREATE a life for YOU. ourself. You have awakened to a conscious life of love. Every choice is made from a place of peace and joy and every person is allowed their journey without you trying to fix them. And you allow them their journey and you cheer them on in all of their successes. And you know they will make it.

And why do you choose love?
Because YOU ARE LOVE. Because you came here to BE. You came to LIVE BY CONSCIOUS CHOICE.
And the stars envy you and the moon smiles at your light and the Sun takes your hand and it does not burn like the pain you have known as you lived by default.

You live as the one unique and amazing and incredible and fantastic shining light that you have always been. And instead of hiding beneath the layers of pretense you determine to be the difference that one person can make.

You know that Love is NOT sentimentality. And you remove your focus from any other person and BE the person you were meant to be.

And you have free will. And you have choice. And you can choose to join the ones who LIVE.

And you play all out. And you see no limits. And you love. Not the love of disbelief. Not the love of picking out the faults. Not the love of crying for others to change. Not the love of blame and shame and guilt. Not the love of raging when the pain is too bad or wanting to die because you are tantruming about the cruelty of the world. For ALL of these ways were never love and never will be.

You now that LOVE intertwines with JOY. And you tell others that if they think that angels are not real just look into the eyes of a child and see that angels are all around us and unseen support and gifts are at every corner if we will just recognize and leave behind the darkness.

LOVE takes its energy and shines its light on every situation and every person and Love knows there is only success the is waiting and we walk together on a stairway to success and there are flowers everywhere that symbolize our thoughts of goodness. And the thoughts are thoughts of forgiveness and of sparkling light that is so delightful in its gold and silver glow and flashes of bright music that we can see the children coming down upon its streams. And it is the gentling of open hearts. It is the forgiveness and the sweet kindnesses we give to one another and we see each other with eyes of love and it is the wisdom of remembering.

And we step forward into a new day.

LOVE ALWAYS BELIEVES. And in the darkest night love takes you into the brightest day. Love KNOWS that we will make it through.
And love will stand you in such strength that only joy defines your life. For you have chosen to create in every moment and you are confident in your success for the tools you use are fashioned from the finest of thread softly and softly and gentling to the hearts but strong as steel and confident as the ocean. For now we know who we are and we believe in us.

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