Being in side the vortex means you are at your highest joy, things are running smoothly for you. If you can communicate openly from inside the vortex, Go for It! If no one has to be different for you to be happy, you’re doing great! If you see them as Source sees them, WOOOHOOO! If you have a situation which has caused contrast rather than mull over it and dwell on it you change it. A new desire is born and you expect it to be resolved easily and effortlessly, you’ve done your “work.”

Follow your inner guidance, you’ll know by how it feels in the moment if you should address it. Just remember, any situation you feel you need to resolve is in the past and everytime you speak and think about it, you’re bringing it back into the now and future. Things of like vibration will continue to match this thru LOA. If you cannot move forward without someone else needing to justify/soothe/value/honor etc your feelings, you may need to become more selfish and do things that bring you joy for awhile. NOTHING is more important then you feel good NOW! Source ADORES YOU!!!!!

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