When we have emotional maturity we will CHOOSE to love consciously.
We will always know that anything that we feel that is negative is about US. ALWAYS.
We will take full responsibility for our feelings and strive to rebalance.
We will seek to know ourselves.
We will seek to know the many tools that are available to create love and beauty and peace of mind and heart and soul.
We will never let a day go by without caring deeply and consciously about our body, mind and spirit.
We will choose daily actions to consciously create love and beauty and kindness in our lives. Actions such as meditation and conscious deep breathing and the focus upon the Angels of nature.
We will care enough that when we check in with the Divine through taking time in meditation and listening to spirit that we might know answers and connect with our Higher Self and we will do this , not only for ourselves, but also for humanity and for our family.
We will choose to see the best in everyone especially our family. We will hold them in the highest place because we know that what we think and believe is how things will be.
We will understand our thought creates reality and we will be aware of our thoughts and choose the very best.
We will care for our body, ensuring that we have eight glasses of water a day and that our bowels are moving because they are the core root of wellness.
We will know that flow creates life and health and blockage creates sickness. Whenever we are sick or angry and in control we are blocked and to be unblocked we must connect with the true Laws and the true ways of life.
We will know that there is only love – once we CHOOSE this.
We will know that the true ways of life and love and healing are always found in nature and the gifts that are freely given. They are never found in surgeries and drugs and anger and hatred.
We will know that when we are not loving we are hating. We do not love a ‘little.’ We either love or fear. We either are on the side of complete love or we are in the realm of hatred. Whilst WE are carrying the thoughts of anger and blame and shame it is up to US to choose to love and that is impossible when our feelings are blocked.
We will know that to feel our feelings creates flow.
We will know that there are many ways to allow ourselves to FEEL and that no matter how painful it might be to feel the feelings will not kill us.
We will know that when we feel our feelings we will get through them and things will get better.
We will know that when we have allowed them to flow this will clear our minds and hearts as long as WE take responsibility.
We will know that everything we think about others is in US. And we will consciously choose to clear our feelings.
We will choose each day to forgive because we will know that forgiving is for – giving …to our own self.

We will honor the earth, the moon, the stars, the water, the sun, the air and all that provides sustenance for us and we will always know that it is here in the authentic gifts that our healing lies. It does not lie in doctors prescriptions and drugs and vaccinations. It never has and it never will. These are temporary fixes and they carry side effects and they carry more problems. We can choose to use them but always we strive to understand a better way.
We will recognize that the more we use those things that are false the more we will fall into a strong addiction and forget what is authentic. And so, each day, we will lay out those things that matter deeply that we need for our body…the water for us to drink, the fresh fruits and vegetables and all that is vibrant and has life and we will meditate upon good thoughts and fill our hearts with a surety that we are LOVE.
We will honor the animals and know they are sentient beings. We will treat them with the greatest love and kindness and care for them with love. We will not support the torture and wholesale cruelty so that we can eat them on our plate without conscious thought.
We will honor the children and teach them love and beauty and kindness.
We will honor our family and always strive to love each family member.
We will not use others as scapegoats or create a golden child for ourselves. We will know what it means to do this and instead we will treat every family member as equal, both old and young alike.
We will honor the elderly and seek their wisdom and treat them with the highest respect and goodness.
We will work things out and have a kind and caring and non violent way of communication.
We will have no secrets because we will know that secrets make us sick.
We will be sensitive to others and talk openly and honestly about our own self and how we feel without blame or shame or hatred.
We will know that there are a myriad of ways to love and include and to be kind and to live in harmony and we will choose always to create these ways.
We will know that there are levels of consciousness and that the lowest levels choose to block and hate and turn against and refuse to create new and beautiful ways. We will choose to create the highest levels of love and kindness because we are conscious and know the worth of all beings.
We will not micro mange others lives and control them but instead we will honor freedom as the highest level of life and we will see all people as equal and say “yes!’ Many times when it is possible instead of No.
We will know we are all children but we will set examples to our little ones of freedom and ways that are whole and peaceful and joyful instead of following man’s ways. And we will know the difference.
If we do not know all of these things we will strive to consciously learn them because we will refuse to be part of hatred.
Always …we will CHOOSE LOVE.

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