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I am a little overwhelmed at the moment and trying to rebalance. One of the most beautiful books I have which helps me to do that is called The Quiet Mind.
Here is a little from it. Before I share I wish to say that my journey through religion has been both wonderful and painful. It is a great blessing to have community. It is (to me) a great curse to be bound by the rules of man. I think when we come out the other side of our journey and we find peace, then we ALLOW. We allow everyone to be where they are. We quit pointing fingers. We allow others to experience and have their journey. We quit worrying if something will offend or if we will attract people whose zeal for their religion or their God is so extreme it makes YOU look bad. Instead you smile and delete their comments or create your boundaries. You quit bothering about anything except the present precious moment. Love becomes something that is so conscious within you that you realize those things that overwhelmed you were simply another wake up call to remind you of unconscious thoughts you no longer need. 
Sometimes you get to be so real even on Facebook (which can be a blessing and a curse in itself) that you can share your deepest dreams. Mine is to follow Christ. Not religion but the true consciousness of LOVE and TRUTH and CHARITY… the wisdom, the kindness and the beauty without the clamor of the world. 
And then I realize that this is who I Am. I Am the Light. I Am Truth and All that is needed in my world is to focus upon this Light and Consciousness. And, if an experience has taken me out of kilter all I have to do is bless it for the lessons I learn. As I create for myself the space of stillness, the connection of nature, the love of Light and peace that is always there, within the whole universe, my breath is deep, my mind is still. For in my thoughts dwell the answer to every hurt or frustration. Action follows thought and with the love of music, with the company of animals and small children, with rivers and trees, fields and flowers and with the very grass beneath my feet I breathe in love and rebalance. It is my choice to rebalance and to return fully to love. 
Here are the words from The Quiet Mind 
’You long to do something to help others. We tell you that the greatest work of all is to develop the Christ light within your soul. For the Son is born in you, in all humanity; and your special work, and ours, is to learn how to project that light into the darkness of ignorance on earth.’ And so it is.   We are the Joy of the world.

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