Let’s link our environment up with vibrational energy. If high vibrational energy comes from positive words, color light and inspirational music then doesn’t it follow that we will thrive in a light filled beautifully colored aesthetic room with music that feeds our soul?

Would we not prefer a clean clear uncluttered space that aesthetically pleases us rather than a cluttered messy place filled with suspecting smells?

Our environment needs to be one of balance and pleasure.
If you were to choose your ideal place to live in how would it look? How would it smell? What kinds of things would you gather around you?
And most of all how would it feel?
Would you have Art supplies?
A bicycle?
A separate office room?
Lots of storage?
What would the views be like?
When you stepped out of your door where would it lead you to?
Who would ideally live with you?
Would friends visit?
What is the purpose if your environment?
To nurture and support you?
To be a place of gathering?
And if you gave a place of gathering where do YOU go to create new ideas, new energy, to revive your soul?
What practices do you envision in your sacred space?
Or do you not gave a sacred space?
Is every place you visit sacred to you?
Or is it filled with the noise of the world and the pull of codependency?
What will you change?

You can feel entirely different with a different environment.  What are you waiting for?   This is so exciting.  Good luck in designing an environment you love.

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