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6th August 2014

“If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see that your life is your own creation, then why not create the most beautiful story for yourself.”
— Don Miguel Ruiz
I call this my ‘SELF HEALING ACTION PROGRAM’. In it, I have covered all of the elements of healthy living in body, mind and spirit that have truly helped me. As others have said, ‘Life doesn’t come with a handbook.’ I wish I’d been taught and known all these amazing tools as I grew up. It would have saved me a lot of suffering. But, maybe life really is all about the journey. It is from those ‘dark nights of the soul’ that we learn to cherish the light.
How beautiful life becomes when we have peace and order. When we understand that our reality stems from our thoughts we can do all we can to raise our thoughts and our vibration. When we understand what truly causes sickness we can implement the ways and the tools that will prevent illness. When we bring our old beliefs to the surface and consciously change them we can reprogram our mind. When we know who we truly are then our spirit is unstoppable.
In order to live life to our fullest we must understand our innermost desires and have a plan in place to live them fully. I believe that life is a patchwork of the false and the authentic and it is important to understand what the authentic is.
An easy example for me to give would be food. Most of us know that if you eat white processed food and drink soda pop you will create sickness. As Aristotle said, food really is our medicine and our medicine really is our food. If we want to have a healthy body and mind the best thing we can do, as far as nutrition goes, is to eat food that grows from the earth and on trees. This is living food with a high vibration, food that does not create mucus within the body.

Living an excellent life is all about living at the highest vibration possible. I teach you about this in the program. I have covered mind, body and spirit in this program as everything works synergistically. Being an Holistic Nutritionist and Master Herbalist I passionately love nature and natural things.

I have had many trials to overcome as you’ll see when you read the chapter entitled ‘About Me’. I believe that part of my purpose on earth was to turn these experiences from darkness to light. Each time I have done so, I have yearned to share with others what has worked for me.
I was blessed with an enduring passion to write. It was as though my brain was set on automatic to set down everything I was learning and to share the things I knew would bless others lives.
You’ll read of how I made a promise to myself and to God to find answers, especially in regard to depression and mental illness. However, I wanted this book to appeal to a whole range of people. In fact, I wanted, mainly, to focus upon the joy and the positive. I had learned that what you focus upon is what you get and I decided I didn’t want to dredge up the past. Because of this, there was a time when I left behind my promise. I decided to keep my writing on depression separate from my other writing. Time passed and I felt a strong prompting to add my understanding of how to overcome severe depression and bring joy into your life to my other writings. And so, I have a complete section dedicated to overcoming the darker side of life. Hopefully the resounding vibration throughout my writing is one of hope and inspiration and the absolute message is that there is nothing that you cannot overcome.
We are brilliant, beautiful beings of light. We are all meant to succeed. We are all here together and throughout my writing I was prompted to put at the bottom of my articles, ‘There Is Always Another Way.’ And I promise you, there always is. I feel blessed beyond words to share these ways with you and I send you my love and my encouragement to live the very best life possible. You are so worth it.
Although I grew up in England,
I was born to an unwed mother, in Oklahoma, in a Salvation Army home. My mother was so ashamed of having had a baby without being married that no one knew for a couple of years that I was even born. My mother and I went to live in England in a little mill town, in the north of England, when I was two.
At age ten I was taken away by a stranger. I was lucky that I was able to escape before much harm was done but it was still a very traumatic experience.
I suffered severe depression through my teen years. In my early twenties, after the birth of one of my babies I had Post Partum Depression. Not knowing how the medical profession treated any kind of mental illness I asked for help. I was given masses of drugs and Electric Shock treatment, against my will. That is when I made the promise that I would understand how I ended up there and I would find out what we could do to change what I saw, and still do see, as a barbaric treatment.
My mother had entered into an abusive marriage as I was growing up. I followed her example as I really didn’t know any different and so I too chose partners who were abusive.
Part of what I speak of here in the solutions, is about making the unconscious conscious.
I read a quote recently which says that we can only heal that which we bring into conscious awareness.
In case you think this book is a litany of trials and only for those who have been through grueling times, I assure you, it is not. Because of my unending desire to know the light (the other way) I have found amazing tools and ways to live that really are not amazing at all. They apply to everyone. Of course, I am still learning, but what I have basically learned is that we have simple, beautiful, gifts that are all around us. Everything we need has already been provided for us freely. Yet, so many times we turn to the artificial, the supposedly exciting. As the song by Don Williams says, ‘We are standing knee deep in a river, drowning of thirst.’ We forget who we are. We ignore the bounties that are all around us. When we remember who we truly are and we understand that we have already been proved for our life begins to change.

I have a burning passionate belief that our children will turn all of these inauthentic ways around. I was reading that there are over twenty million children worldwide who are labelled and on psychiatric drugs. The article said that eight million of those children are in the United States. It is my belief that the only labels our children deserve are, ‘Brilliant. Awesome. Fabulous. Amazing.’ As we learn what it is that truly creates great health and wholeness, we can unwind from this onslaught of illness and blockages. Our children can take their rightful place as the leaders of this world. Those of us who are awake are here to midwife them in. Because of the chemical and drug onslaught they come into a world filled with challenges unlike any we have seen before. We must be awake to that which is real and whole. At the base of it all is love. There Is Always Another Way.

The program I have put together is quite practical. Interwoven throughout the pages are a little of my experiences and my deepest desire that your life will be the most awesome life ever!

Do you want Massive change in your life? Are you prepared to DO whatever it takes.
When we are willing to go the WHOLE WAY are able to get full results.
That is just law versus consequence. If you are sick, or depressed and you have hit rock bottom you are often ready for Massive Change.

What if you’re not sick or depressed but you want to ensure good health and happiness?

It is said that illness begins in the aura. If you can reverse things at that point how cool would that be?
For the majority of us we have to remember we are well and whole and yet at the same time work with our ego and our body because our body needs the tools and natural foods and formulas and lifestyle that creates wellness.

We begin with our THOUGHTS


* Positive thought is of tremendous importance in creating the life we desire. When you change your consciousness you open doorways to change your life. When you do not change your consciousness you are simply going through the motions. As the saying goes, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.
* By being aware of your thoughts you can create a new way of life. By being aware of your thoughts you can leave behind negative habits which are pulling you down. As you become conscious of your thoughts you understand your ego in a deeper way. Your ego is the part of you that manifests doubt, pain, and powerlessness. As you become more conscious of your choices and your desires to be healthy and happy you apply Divine Reasoning. It is then that your life has the potential to become a work of art for you.
* You can use your thoughts and words consciously or unconsciously. Either way they will work for you. Watch someone who fears something for long enough and see if it is drawn into their life. They speak their fears. They entertain their fears. They believe their fears and they do not see the power of creation which our thoughts can have. Osho said, “There is only one sin and that is lack of consciousness.”
* Two men went to a hospital. Their files got mixed up. The one who had a few weeks to live was told he was okay and would soon be well. He lived for years longer. The other man, who actually only had something minor wrong with him, was told he would be dead in a matter of a few weeks. Such is the power of our thoughts that when the man was told he would die he believed this. He arranged his funeral and he did indeed die within a few weeks.
* Don Miguel Ruiz in his book, ‘the Four Agreements’ calls this Black Magic. Any kind
* of negative poison that we put out into the world with our words can indeed have a serious effect on others and on ourselves. Our words and our thoughts have great power.
* I think the above story was told by Deepak Chopra. I am not sure. I do know that it was a true story and there are many more negative consequences that people have taken on themselves when they have listened and believed that which is detrimental to their well being. That is another reason we need to be responsible and aware of our own bodies, mind and spirits and be in touch with our own wisdom. Luckily, there are also many more stories where thoughts, words, and action have materialized into success.
* We are told to be careful for what we ask for. I would say, be careful what you focus upon, and give your attention to.
* A few years ago I had a large tumor. One of my daughters said to me, “Mum if you are a healer how come you got sick?”
* I knew exactly how I had got sick. My husband had some severe trauma happen that was on my mind. What happened had upset me deeply. I had a habit of unconsciously repeating to myself. “I can’t go on. I just can’t manage this.” In other words I was willing myself off this planet. I know that as sure as I know I am writing this. I was even to some degree conscious of doing this. The pain was so bad I really did not want to be here. I was buying into old tapes which I used to say to myself, over and over.
* When I discovered the tumor I went to a specialist who did an ultrasound on me. He said that he believed I had lymphoma. He said I needed to be operated on as soon as possible. I refused to have the surgery as I am of the belief that surgery can exacerbate these conditions. What I did know was that my body was screaming out to me for healing.
* As soon as I had the diagnosis from the specialist I set a new course for myself.
* The first thing I did was to change my thinking. I said to myself, “Okay I have unconsciously created this. Now I will consciously un-create it!” I determined to change things around. I called everyone I knew who I believed would be positive and asked them to do as I asked. The ones I felt would worry and fuss and be depressed and think the worst, I left alone.
* I told my friends what the doctor had said and requested, “Please see me as completely whole. Speak of me as though I am well. Send light, love and joy to me each time you think of me. If you say prayers say thank you to God for my full recovery.”
* I got rid of the tumor within eight weeks.
* I am convinced that had I gone into depression and had I believed what the doctor told me that I would have made things much worse. I believe that my body was very ill and that it needed help. Tumors do not come for no reason. When our body is acting up like this it is crying out to be heard. In certain ways a tumor can be a blessing to us, telling us we need to change and put things in order. We need to move into action and into wellness. In thought, word and deed.
* What an amazing blessing it has been to me, to not only get rid of a tumor, but also, to be free of severe depression, constant hives and allergies and fibrous breast cysts. It is no wonder that I firmly believe that there is always another way.
* When we have a friend to affirm the good which is in side of us, especially when things seem dark and dismal, we have a true friend. We have to become that friend, not only to others, but to ourselves. The marvelous thing is that when we affirm and uplift ourselves, and others, the chores are no longer chores. They become part of a creative and exciting life which we love.
* Apart from thinking positively, there are specific things we can do to affirm ourselves. Can you imagine the benefit in going to sleep with affirmations and positive pictures in your mind rather than worry. There are many excellent tapes videos and books to give you ideas. Best of all, use your own creativity and create visualizations and verbal affirmations to use each day, or create a tape of your own to listen to at night.. Buy a journal and fill it with affirmations.
* If you don’t already feel you are the dynamic and beautiful being that God created then you have got lost somewhere under the patterning and programming of life, and the many criticisms we take upon ourselves over time and believe to be true. They are not true and they are most definitely not who ‘you’ are. Write as though you are already the person you want to be. Write in gratitude, acknowledging the many blessings which we all have. If negative thoughts and feelings arise, acknowledge them, work on them in another setting if you need to, but in your morning plan move into the positive.
* Note: If you have a lot of negativity arising you may have some emotional healing that you want to do. If affirmations cause serious blocks to arise you may need some support to move you through a forgiveness or grief process. An excellent book is Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.
Negative thoughts and negative beliefs can be removed and changed.
Trauma can be stored not only in our body memory but also in our spirit.
Our memory banks and even our cells and our DNA can store negative or positive memories.
It is up to us to Intentionally Create the Best and Remove That Which No Longer serves Us.
For our memory banks to change we must change how these beliefs and ‘stories’ live inside of us.


Print them out. Have them in prominent places around your home and in your car etc.



Listen to inspiring personally focused meditations morning and night and through the day.
One of the best products for this is the QMindfit.




Another great program Jafree Oswald’s INSERT NAME program. You will then have meditations on hand for morning and night.
This is a program within itself. You are welcome to check it out and do his program along with this one. It’s all up to you.

Another thing you can do is to listen to You Tube videos.
You can also record your own affirmations.

I highly recommend putting together different music lists that inspire you.
I also recommend reading books on The Law of Attraction and books by Esther Hicks on Abraham’s teachings.
There are hundreds of free videos which teach the Abraham teachings. Just google what you are wanting help on.

Here on this earth we are gifted with one of the greatest medicines of all. Water. Our Great Elixir. Water. The great powerful ocean. The babbling brook. The rushing river. The droplets of rain upon a leaf. Water is given to us to hydrate us, to sustain us, to heal us, to fortify us.
Much of our body is formed of water and this great elixir allows our body to function in the most excellent ways, when we take full advantage of it. Water has immense benefits in maintaining correct health and flushing away toxins.

The brilliant scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto showed us that our human consciousness has an effect upon the molecular structure of water. His work showed the reaction of water to our thoughts. It was also shown that prayer and positive visualization can clean and clear polluted water. Imagine then what effect this can have upon our bodies as we not only affirm the positive but we bless and drink our water in gratitude.

Our words and thoughts affect our physical reality. As he photographed water which had positive words spoken to it beautiful crystalline structures were formed. When the water was exposed to cruel or low vibrational words the crystals in the water were deformed.

Once again we can see that when we change our words and thoughts and beliefs then all things in our life changes.

However, water has an even more profound effect. It is said that drinking about 7 to 8 glasses of water daily is important for your health. One thing many people do not know is that having the first glass of water as soon as you wake up also comes with its therapeutic benefits.
When you drink water first thing in the morning you will help to purify your internal system. Getting rid of toxins gives us better skin.
. Drinking water the first thing in the morning will balance our lymph system, help cure all kinds of illnesses, and renew your cells.
The best way to take water in the morning is to take four glasses of water before you brush your teeth and after forty five minutes you can have breakfast.
The moment you wake up, before you even brush your teeth, take 4 glasses of water (160ml).
Clean/brush your teeth soon and don’t eat or drink anything.
After 45 minutes, you can take your breakfast. After breakfast, take 2 hours before you drink or eat anything. It may seem like a lot but it is said to have incredible results with all kinds of illness.

Water also helps with constipation. I was always taught in The School of Natural Healing that constipation is at the root of illness. Blockage causes sickness and even death. Flow is life.

Water and juice, add fluid to the colon and bulk to stools, making bowel movements softer and easier to pass. The colon needs water to do its job.
Make sure you have pure distilled or Spring water ready for use at all times. I hate to say this but if you only have tap water available …then bless it and find purer water as soon as you can. Don’t worry about it. Just take what’s available rather than do without!

Set your days water out where you can see it.
Prepare your days water ready for going to work, or going out.

This one change, if you are used to being dehydrated, can gave a significant effect on your health.
What are the benefits of juicing? The first thing we often do when we don’t feel well is to stop eating solid food. Juicing is a great way to maintain health and it is a powerful healing therapy. Juices have been likened to a blood transfusion. The juice goes right into our body and requires little digestion. Juices also flush and cleanse the organs of our body as well as provide excellent nutritive value.
Juices also alkalize your body and provide a huge amount of phytochemicals, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. You will strengthen your immune system and speed healing and repair
Insulin, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, thyroix and insulin are all produced within the body, along with immunoglobulin. These natural chemicals within the body are all built from nutrition. Juice fasting provides masses of nutrition to balance the organs of the body, and replace the chemicals we are deficient in.
One of the benefits of juicing is that it clears the mind, balances, hormones and our metabolism, helps to balance our thyroid, our endocrine system, our pancreas and our reproductive organs. Blood chemistry can change when you do juice fasts, and juicing also thins the blood. Juices do all these things for us. Thinning the blood is important as it allows the circulation to clear areas that were clogged and to go into vital areas of our body.
Enzymes cause chemical reactions in our bodies and they help remove toxins and help break down food. Our own bodies manufacture enzymes but when we take juice it allows our body to rest. When we are low in enzymes we will often purchase them from the store, instead of obtaining them directly from juice. Drinking raw juice allows you to get those enzymes directly into your body. Cooked food has no enzymes.
Juicing will give you the benefits of fruits and vegetables for your body in a raw live form. To fully enjoy the benefits of juicing, I strongly encourage you to have a juicer, leave it out on your counter top and use it daily. This juice will be one of your greatest allies in healing.
Another of the benefits of juicing is that it allows us to eat more of the vegetable or fruit than we could if we were eating it raw. It is advised that you eat one pound of raw vegetables per fifty pounds of body weight. Juicing is a great and easy way for us to do this.
Ideally, you want to drink all of your juice at the time you make it, if you want to have the best nutritional impact. You can, however store your juice for up to 24 hours with a moderate decline in nutritional value. Keep it away from light as this also interferes with the nutritional value and lessens the benefits of juicing.
You can use left over pulp for recipes, or you can mix it into your juice. Fiber serves as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in our colon.
Taking two days out to eat fruits and salads with 2 or three days of juice fasting inbetween and then following up again with a couple of days of fruits and salad can make a huge difference to the way you feel. Follow this up with a mucusless diet to maintain good health.
If you fast for longer you might have times when you feel a lack of energy. It will pass. Another thing to be aware of is that you have less body heat and so you may want to dress a little warmer.
To work on a problem and get to the core of it we must clean out the bowel area, then strengthen it with herbal aids and fresh nourishing foods. Be sure to keep the bowels open while you fast or the toxins will have nowhere to go. I cannot stress this enough if you want a fast which is not sabotaged inbetween because you feel so terrible. Feeling so ill when doing a fast, is often due to constipation. If you do not keep your bowels open then all you have done is let the toxins flood into your body and make yourself sick. The aim is to flush things through. You must flush your bowel out each day. You can use herbs to do this and enemas, but make sure that you are flushing those bowels. In everyday life you want your bowels to move three times a day. Most people do not understand this but if you remember that animals eliminate after they eat can you see how natural it is for us to eliminate after each meal?While fasting your bowels do not have to move three times a day but they must move.You might want to include the pulp to keep the bowels moving. You need a gallon a day of liquids, juices, herbal tea and water. If you are hungry then you need to drink more fluid.
SUPER FOODSYou can also add Super Foods to your juice. An excellent green drink that I like to use is Dr. Christopher’s Jurassic Green. Chlorella and spirulina or also an excellent green drink. Adding these extra nutrients will help you to have more energy and also build your blood and allow the detoxification to move forward and enjoy the benefits of juicing.


Begin eating a diet of Fresh Greens and Fruits and vegetables.
Study and eat the Mucusless Diet.
If you are already eating live food then by all means continue.
If not then the mucusless diet is an excellent way to eat also. It is not a diet as people used to commercial products know it. It is the way the earth has set things up for you to eat. No more artificial, processed.
Healthy live food.

A live food diet consists of uncooked, organic, plant-based foods. It might include fruits, leafy greens, avocados, sprouts, nuts, seeds, coconut. nuts, beans, seeds, or grains.

Cooking food, or heating above 116 degrees causes food to lose its essential life force because when we cook food it loses enzymes. Enzymes are the life force or, prana, in food. Our body has a limited supply of enzymes. Many people accept chronic digestive problems as a fact of life. This is not how life ought to be and it doesn’t have to be.

Our goal is to increase our energy with our food, not have food drain our energy and make us ill.
Remember “Let medicine be your food and let food be your medicine.”

The benefits of a live food diet.
Great skin
Clear eyes.
Less illness, ailments, colds
A much clearer mind.
Regulated weight.

Speaking for myself, after five year of eating about 95% live food, I can definitely say I have an incredible amount of energy now! I have also noticed big changes in skin and hair texture. My eyes are clearer(my thinking too!). You should also notice regulated weight (usually loss) and less frequent colds and other ailments.

Start with salads.
Add sprouts,avocado, raw seeds, etc.
Use a live dressing such as olive oil with lemon.
Take time out to learn about live food.
Deal with your feelings. Certain situations can trigger unhealthy eating.
Make a list of other ways you can handle stress.
Reorganize your pantry and refrigerator.
Keep things simple.
Focus on eating whole foods.
If you stick with it you’ll see an incredible difference in a short amount of time.


Basically, the mucusless diet consists of whole organic fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Dr. Christopher also includes a small amount of fish or organic chemical free chicken. I prefer a completely vegan diet, but this is up to you.

This diet, along with the food supplements mentioned below, supplies all the nutrients that the body requires. A mucusless diet requires the elimination of all mucus forming food. This includes the following: milk and milk products, meats, all especially refined flour, sugars, white rice, chemicals, and all processed devalued and junk food.

A mucusless diet means that we use foods in their wholesome state. Dr. Christopher also suggested a little cooked food was alright to eat. A completely raw diet can be hard to take for many people. He did, however, emphasize using plenty of both raw and cooked foods, not just cooked or just raw. I would encourage you to learn of the reasons why people use raw as well as learn of the best ways to cook food if you are going to do so.

For grains, Dr. Christopher recommended whole grains cooked on a very low heat. You can use a crock pot. You can also use a thermos overnight. You can use millet, buckwheat, rye, oat groats, wheat, or barley, and so on. Sprouted grains can also be used.

When you start this healthy food diet, Dr. Christopher suggested some natural supplements which can speed your healing.

Take a teaspoonful of cayenne in cold water three times a day. This is quite a bit to start with, so you should begin with 1/4 teaspoonful and work up to the full amount.

Use kelp instead of, or in addition to, sea salt. This provides many trace minerals and helps the thyroid gland rebuild. You can also take the kelp in tablets. If you cannot stand the taste, try dulse, which is milder, but still wonderfully full of minerals.

Take a tablespoon of molasses three times a day in warm water. You can also take it plain, but the molasses “coffee” is often preferred as a vitamin-B complex pick-me-up.

Take a tablespoonful of a good, fresh wheat germ oil three times a day. This provides vitamin E, which helps the system use oxygen.

Please look under the heading of Recipes on the web site as well as on my own site for ideas.
You can also look at the article on my site called ‘Transitioning to a Mucusless Diet.’

There are specific foods for specific ailments. For instance the foods which help us with our mood are as follows.
Brazil nuts A single nut a day gives you selenium you need. Don’t eat more than 6 a day. Can be toxic. Found also in sunflower seeds. Use 41/2 ounces to equal one brazil nut. Garlic is an antioxidant which may improve blood to brain. Chili peppers can induce a temporary rush of endorphins. A lack of Folic acid can contribute to psychiatric disorders and dementia and schizophrenia Studies showed much higher rates of lack of Folic acid in depressed and psychiatric patients than general public.
People deliberately deprived lapsed into sleep and forgetfulness and irritability and symptoms disappeared when Folic acid was restored. Folic acid can be found in spinach. I like to fill the Nutribullet with spinach and coconut water. A nutritious and great drink.
Other foods which help our mood to be top notch are almonds, avocados, black beans, fruit, chia seeds, salmon and halibut, grains such as quinoa and brown rice. Ooh and chocolate. Only the best of course. Not the processed milk stuff but the dark rich cacao.
I feel to mention the efficacy of the product Q96 at this point. I go into this in much more depth under the heading ‘Supplements and Superfoods’ but I just want to point out the amazing benefits of getting the correct nutrients. Q96 is having incredible success with depression and mental illness. Although this program is by no means only for depressed people my passion is to help those who have been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness.
Once again we see that our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food.



Greens are good, Green Superfoods are even better! Green superfoods have the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals to protect and heal the body. They contain a wide array of beneficial substances including proteins, protective photo-chemicals and healthy bacteria helping you to build cleaner muscles and tissues, aid your digestive system function and more effectively protect you against disease and illness.
Fruit and nut superfoods are high in anti-oxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals may sound a little like an extremist terrorist sect evading capture and wreaking havoc across the globe and in fact within the context of your body this would be right. They are, in part, a natural occurrence through metabolism however extra and unnecessary free radical load can be put on our bodies by external factors including pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, burnt foods, deep fried fats and cooked foods.
The Egyptians wrote about it back in 5500 B.C., the Indians used it for their religious ceremonies in 1000 B.C. and even the Babylonians have been noted to use it in their medicinal practices. The western world actually discovered the benefits of bee superfoods by accident during an investigation of native Russian Beekeepers who regularly lived past 100 years of age who ate raw honey, rich in bee pollen, every day.
Seaweeds are the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet as they have access to all the nutrients in the ocean. They can contain up to 10 times more calcium than milk and eight times as much as beef. The chemical composition of seaweeds is so close to human blood plasma, that perhaps their greatest benefit is regulating and purifying our blood system.
Herbs as nourishment offer the body a whole host of nutrients it may not have received either because of poor diet or environmental deficiencies in the soil or air. Herbs as medicine are essentially body balancers that work with the body functions so that it can heal and regulate itself. Herbs have been used for centuries as part of the wisdoms of natural healing methods.
Etherium Dietary Supplements are trace elements that contain significant amounts of natural monatomic minerals. They enhance the body’s electromagnetic systems that increase the mind, body, spirit connections. Quite simply; they invigorate the senses and broaden your perceptions. Many experience higher states of consciousness and a spiritual transformation. They are a tool to get you to where you want to be.
For a full list of chocolates for sale click this link to our Cacao Shop!

As I began to research about the ways to create good health…especially great mental health….I remember reading about some tests that had been done on women who had severe Post Partum Depression as I’d had.

Within three days the women were showing a noticeable improvement in mood and completely recovered naturally…Without massive drugs and without aggressive treatment such as Electric Shock.

Whilst Dr. Christopher advocates getting our minerals and vitamins from our food I do believe, especially in our chemically overloaded and toxic society that flooding the body with good nutrients in the firm of minerals and vitamins is far preferable to the ways of the medical model.



I personally believe that Juicing is Superior for most people. However, we are looking at all options and certainly I appreciate that for someone who for instance has had their nervous system seriously damaged then there are certain vitamins and nutrients that are of particular importance…. INTAKE OF EXTRA MINERALS AND VITAMINS

What Can I Take To Supplement Vitamins And Minerals?
Published June 1, 2012 | By Kasandra T. Sheldan
When you start the mucusless diet, Dr. Christopher suggested some natural supplements which can speed your healing.

These supplements are Kelp, Blackstrap Molasses, Nutritional Yeast, and Wheatgerm Oil.

Othere excellent sumpplementations are the cayenne drink listed below. I like to use organic maple syrup instead of the honey because it mixes better.

Dr. Christopher advises taking a teaspoonful of cayenne in cold water three times a day. However, this is quite a lot to start with. Taking so much could make you feel quite ill. So, begin with 1/4 teaspoonful and work up to the full amount over time as your body can stand it.
To assist digestion, put one tablespoonful of honey and one of apple cider vinegar in warm water, stirring until mixed. Sip this three times a day. This helps produce hydrochloric acid for digestion.
Use kelp instead of, or in addition to, sea salt. This provides many trace minerals and helps the thyroid gland rebuild. You can also take the kelp in tablets. If you cannot stand the taste, try dulse, which is milder, but still wonderfully full of minerals.
Take a tablespoon of molasses three times a day in warm water. You can also take it plain. but the molasses “coffee” is often preferred as a vitamin-B complex pick-me-up.
Take a tablespoonful of a good, fresh wheat germ oil three times a day. This provides vitamin E, which helps the system use oxygen.
You might want to buy Dr. Christopher’s Regenerative Diet book for charts on how sample diets fulfill amply the RDA recommended for adults and children.


To get rid of something unwanted to give the body something as a substitute.
It seems that LRH found in the course of his research that doctors performing autopsies had found used up,fat stored in unlikely places.
Therefore the conclusion is that the body can accumulate a lot of unused fat.
What we are attempting to do is to replace the bad toxic fat with old oil or fat which is conducive to health and healing.
This means the correct oils must be taken. Essential fatty acids are essential because they are vital to the construction and to maintaining healthy cells in our body.

Another excellent supplement is Lecithin.

As you cleanse and release toxins you are also releasing be cleaning up old fat tissue in the body. You have to then replace it with good fat as a substitute.

If you feel your only option is to use vitamins and minerals that are not in food I suggest you use ones that are high grade and made of food and use lots of Superfoods.

Read ‘The Top 10 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life.’
By David Wolfe / Creator of Longevity Now

This is part of his article.
How To Add Superfoods and Superherbs Into Your Diet

Any superfood and superherb can be added into anyone’s diet. Simply begin with the first one or few you’re drawn to and go from there. Get out a blender and experiment with superfoods. Make all kinds of teas with the superherbs. Better yet, take your superherb tea and blend it with your superfoods.

Interestingly, the superfoods and herbs above meet and exceed all our protein requirements, vitamin and mineral requirements, glyconutrient (essential polysaccharide sugar) requirements, essential fatty acid requirements, immune system requirements, and so much more!

Superfoods can be (and should be) consumed raw because 150 years of research has now demonstrated that living, raw food is superior in vitamin content, enzymes, co-enzymes, usable protein, usable minerals, glyconutrients, and many other elements of nutrition. Additionally, raw food is natural. Raw is how Nature provides us with food.

Superherbs can be consumed as raw powders or as teas. Hot teas are best made using wood burning stoves, high quality water (preferably spring water), stainless steel pots, and water temperatures that are slowly heated to, yet preferably do not exceed, 170 degrees Fahrenheit (77 degree Celsius). The herbs should be added to the water when it is cold.

This is the first and most vital step to magnetizing your physical “container” to your noble desires and dreams. A healthy body gives you the energy and vitality to go after what you want and, more importantly, to enjoy it when it arrives.


A basic building block of the body.
Calcium directly affects the nervous system.
Lack of it can cause spasms.
People in a high state of nervousness are often just calcium deficient.
Nature creates everything synergistically.
For the absorption of Calcium we need magnesium.

The Scientologists have a wonderful formula called “Cal-Mag-Formula.”
Dr Christopher also has an excellent formula called Calc tea that can be taken in capsules, tincture or tea form.

Being one of the B complex vitamins Niacin is Essential to Great Nutrition.
It’s effects can be dramatic.

L. Ron Hubbard studied Niacin extensively and found some startling and yet very beneficial results.
Niacin breaks up and releases LSD from the body…and this can send a person in a ‘new trip’
Niacin has the same effects on residues of marijuana as well as other drugs.
Running and sweating must be done in conjunction with the intake of Niacin.
It can also cause to activate a past sunburn and reveal,the lines where the person was originally sunburned.
The more that was taken the sooner the reaction left.

Niacin flush can last up to an hour or longer.
This causes prickly itchy skin.
There comes a point it no longer turns on a flush.
It can also turn on nausea, hives, and colitis.
Sunburn is radiation. All of the above symptoms are symptoms of radiation sickness as well as blockage and problems with the bowels.



3) Environment. I found that it was vital that my environment supported me in a positive way.

Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Environment is stronger than will.”

There are times I have checked into a quiet place for a month to work on myself. If you feel you cannot do that maybe you can go to a friends or somewhere that is positive and supportive or create a place in your home.

Choose to Let Go!
Choose one thing to let go of.
Ask yourself how you’d feel if it were gone.
How intense is this feeling?
Identify the story behind the feeling.
Do some Tapping or do the Emotion Code.
Letting go of these old feelings will be of immense help in moving forward.

Ignoring clutter takes your energy from you.

It’s much simpler and more straightforward to have a system. Use the things you use keep things that are precious to you or that you definitely need in the future, such as a tent for camping or your Christmas things but free your life up,by decluttering.

That which is in your physical realm affects the other areas of your life.
We’ve all seen hoarders who have serious problems dealing with feelings.
Getting rid of clutter is an essential step.
Getting rid of the feelings is even more important.
Remember the clutter is your defense to feeling the unwanted feelings but there are far better feelings waiting to replace the negative ones.


Become more and more conscious of your breath.
Breathe deeply and exhale consciously every chance you get.
Google articles on Breathwork.
Set Intentions to remove blocks through Breathwork.
Speak or think your affirmations as you breathe in and out.
Be conscious of breathing from the gut.
Breathe through your feet – visualize – to ground yourself on Planet Earth.


Living requires breathing
Living your life to the very fullest requires accessing your breath in a very conscious way.

Practicing the way you inhale and exhale can help you manipulate your vital energy to successfully activate or soothe your mood.

You can actually shift your mood in sixty seconds of doing intentional breath work. How fabulous is that?

Set an intention to release any obstacles you have.
Activate the Intention by breathing consciously and forcefully in and out.

Conscious deep breathing can calm and integrate the mind and body. Becoming more aware is essential.
Breathe from the Gut.
Imagine breathing through your feet. Ground yourself in Planet Earth.
Consciously breathe every chance you get.


All is choice. It is your choice as to whether or not you choose to study, buy in products, or simply follow the articles I have written.

I believe that one of the most important things you’ll ever learn in life is to nurture and to take care of yourself.

If your cup is not full you’re not going to be able to help others.
Be conscious of codependency.
Codependency can be as harmful as any addiction there is.
Codependency as I see it is doing for others what they can do for themselves or creating an atmosphere of others depending on you while you get to ignore your own needs. This is not the same as genuinely helping others who are in need. We are here to lift the hands that hang down and to wipe away tears.

Sometimes those tears are our own. Sometimes we need a hand to hold and we revive.
* Journal your thoughts each night.
* Write about your childhood but do not dwell upon it. Explore. Accept. Then REWRITE. Your brain dies not know if what you are imagining is real or imagined and you will fire new vibrations. By looking at the past you’ll see what beliefs you may have taken on. But do not go there unless it’s calling you. I repeat: Do not go there unless it’s calling you. Focus instead on TODAY
* Abraham Rocks!
* Search the Internet for workshops and go to some of them.
* Learn tapping.
* Learn Ho ‘O pono pono.
* Read all you can about being conscious and aware.
* Learn about deep breathing and how this fits in with being aware.


Finding your passion in life is a number one priority. If you are healthier and happier then why not go the extra mile and make your life shine.

You are meant to have an amazing beautiful life. And, you are the one who is meant to create it. As we take an inventory of our likes and dislikes, our weaknesses and our strengths we might want to remember one very important fact. We are all One. Of course you can go on believing that it is just you and the world. Your ego will constantly tell you that is how it is and how it always will be, but that is not truth.

You came here for a reason. You have a purpose in life and you cannot possibly live in separation from everything and everyone around you. You might get to die in separation, but you will never fully live. Living is what this book is about. It is chock a block with tools and ideas for you to live the best life you know how.

Remembering that we are all one and that we are all on our own pathway can give us strength and connection. Hey, we are in this together. We are social beings and the gifts we have to give to one another and to the world are so much nicer when we get to share and to believe in those around us.

There is ultimately no past. There is no tomorrow. There is simply the present. We get to be aware, in the present, moment by moment. Our task is to love and to BE. How exciting is that?

In case you are feeling low at this time and thinking that maybe I do not understand where you are, I promise you I have been to the depths and back. You might want o read my book ‘Silent Things Within Us’. Life has shown me that there is no darkness so deep, no pain so great that we cannot change it and come back into the light. That is why my favorite saying is, ‘There Is Always Another Way.’

Your life is made up of the experiences you have, your character and your beliefs and all of the people you meet along life’s pathway. As we seek to learn more about ourselves we place into our hands more responsibility for change.

This section of the website is about change and also about choice. Fabulous and wonderful Choice. I like to put capital letters on words that are really important to me. I spent a lot of my life not realizing how much Choice I had. I spent a lot of my life not knowing who I really was. Another thing that this writing is about is Wholeness. As we understand the synergy of our body, mind and spirit we become more whole in our way of doing things and our way of thinking.

As we comprehend our place in the universe we understand that all of Creation is working for our success. If we choose for it to do so.

I know that you are a glorious being with a future that you get to shape. We get to be stewards over our life and that is such an exciting spectacular journey.

I know that my life in part, is about serving others, but I can’t do that if I am sick and I have not cared for myself first. Caring for ourselves is not selfishness. It is sharpening the saw before using it. It is taking time to understand instead of rushing in head first with all kinds of misconceptions, ending up frazzled and more confused than before.

Is it possible that you are amazing, and full of potential? I believe it is. I know it is. If I sound really confident about that, it is because all through the years of compiling and gathering the information that has helped and supported me I have found that there are two ways of looking at things. There is man’s way, and there is the Creator’s way. Man’s way often limits us. The Creator’s way never limits us. It is a way is filled with positive energy, love, kindness, clarity, and common sense, as well as the gifts of the universe.

So, do you know who you are? I hope you will find tools on this site to not only help your physical body but also to help you to answer this question in a solid and confident way. Here are some questions to spark your interest:




When you create you are positive when you do not create you are frustrated.


Free will is paramount
As we heal through wise choices we empower ourselves with all that is good.


Where is most of your time spent?

Who are your closest friends?

Family members?

Who do you spend your general time with?

Who do you spend your leisure time with?

How much of your self do you give?

Is it reciprocated?

Who can you call on for help and physical support?

Who can you call on for emotional support?

Who is your greatest cheerleader?

Are there people in your life who drag you down?
Who do you need to spend less time with?

What sparks your creativity?

What did you used to love doing as a child?

What do you find easy?

Is there a subject you love to talk about?

What do you love to read?

What do you love to do?

Is there anything that you would regret if you do not do it?

What would you do for free?


How committed are you to yourself and your dreams?

What is important to you?

Who is important to you?

Do you take full responsibility for your self, your health, and your life?

Do you feel responsible for others?

Do you have excellent boundaries?
How do you set your boundaries with others?

Do you feel that feelings are important?

Do you allow yourself to feel?

Do you realize you always have freedom and choice?
By taking full responsibility for our life the sky is the limit. We are no longer victims but empowered with action.
List the things you like to do?
The things you don’t like to do?

What did you really love to do between the ages of seven and fourteen?
What captivated your attention?
What still captivates your attention?
Make a list of twenty things you enjoy doing most in your life. What gives you the greatest excitement?
What do you wish you could do right now in your life with the resources you have?

If you had unlimited resources what would you do?

What do you feel your mission in life is?

Do you see everything as a lesson?
Something to be questioned, experienced if necessary and transcended?

Do you look ahead to what you can learn or do next?

Do you seek out new challenges and take chances?

Do you know you can succeed?
All around us there are opportunities and people ready to help, support and be our friends. There are people ready for us to help, support and be ‘their’ friends. We draw people to us to be part of our journey.

Who have you brought into our life – and who is waiting out there for us?

What are your priorities in life?

What would you like them to be?
Do you see mistakes as opportunities to learn and change?

Do you work hard?
Do you stop to play?

What do you do to relax?

Do you spend time alone?

Do you like to spend time alone?

Do you have fulfilling time with family and friends to enrich and renew?
Is there anything you would like to do differently?

How would you like to be like your parents?

How would you like to be different?

Do you see any conflict between your values and the way you spend your time?

How would you like to spend the next 3 to 5 years?

If you had just six months to live how would you spend it?

What are your life goals?

Take about 2-4 minutes to jot down answers. Spend another 2-4 minutes to review your responses and improve your goal statements.

If your goals conflict with your current life then changes may be in order.

Write down the goals.

Pare them down so that you do not have too many.

List the most important ones – Long term and short term.

Long term goals are often top priority but we lose sight of them while doing every day things.

Be very selective – keep each goal in proper perspective.
In what area do I express extraordinary passion? When you know this you know what you want to be doing.
How can I do what I love and create financial abundance at the same time?

Start reading everything you can in order to help uncover your purpose quickly.
Which books will you read this month to help you discover your life’s passion?
Where will I be and what will I be doing ten years from now if I keep doing what I am doing now?

Will life be fabulous? Mediocre?
What do I need to do to create the most abundant and fabulous life?


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Anne Frank








How to Create a Life Plan
1 We never cease to exist. However, if it were the end of your life on planet earth what would you want to be remembered for?
2) decide the key elements.
3) Write down how you would like to be remembered when you are gone.
4) identify your priorities in the areas of:

Write down your long term goals
Set short term goals identifying specific actions you will take.
Create a plan of action for each component such as exercising to keep fit. Say what kind of exercize. Be specific.
Go over your goals daily and act upon them.
Revisit your plan regularly.

I strongly believe that in order to have massive change you must create massive change. To the degree you want success and happiness is the degree of effort you need to put in …and above. So, if you would rate your desires at a ten then your efforts have to match or surpass your desires.
So, for instance, if you want to stop smoking and all you do is paste an affirmation on your mirror that says, ‘I have stopped smoking’ then you’re not going to get very far. If you set out a program for yourself, creating a positive powerful mindset, herbal formulas to take, a support group, a different eating plan, hypnosis or meditations, now you have gathered your army together for success!
You have to Reinvent Your Life to create a new way of being. It’s not enough to take a quick fix, or stop eating dairy while your still stuffing yourself with processed foods. Yes, you can take things one step at a time but you’d better know where your heading and have a plan. And, as Churchill said, “Never, never give up!”

You must be bold and bodacious. Make radical changes. Leave your securities and your apathy behind. Be daring. Be nomadic. Be a revolutionary for your family, for your generation, for your self. Move into new experiences like a warrior without fear. Grasp the world as though it were something you have desired and sought for with the desperation of a thirsty traveller finding water, as though you are a seeker of treasure and you have just discovered jewels and gold beyond anything you could have ever dreamed of.
You want to look back with the most glorious joy at the pathway you have taken. And in the end all the darkness, and tears turn to laughter and rejoicing for the journey.

Hopefully, you are now prepared to eat well, believe the best, breathe deeply, drink lots of water, juice, and do inspirational meditations and affirmations, eat wonderful foods, maybe even Superfoods, know your purpose and most of all live your purpose in the present moment in gratitude.

Now, you get to put all your ideas into a plan! How wonderful is that?

Here is a little addition to those things that matter.
Remember, YOU are the one who knows what is important in your life. No one else. I have simply shared with you what has helped me.




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