When I began to realize that my life was my own I began to change.
I stayed for two months in a rain forest in Maui. I climbed down a very high cliff holding onto a rope (even though I am terrified of heights) down to the amazing birthing pools in Maui and I nearly drowned in the ocean. (But I would not have missed a moment.). I stood in a dormant volcano and called to the goddess Pele. I watched fire dancing on a nude Beach. I spent twelve days with a shaman. I went on a catamaran and saw Dolphins.
When I was stopped from attending university and told we couldn’t afford for me to go (where to my great surprise I got 4.0) I did everything in my power to become a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist. I got rid of a large tumor in eight weeks naturally and many other illnesses by learning natural laws.
After my divorce I visited Costa Rica and stayed in the most incredible places. I went to stay in Los Angeles in Hollywood and met incredible friends and inbetween I still cried myself to sleep because I still had to release the patterns of being told I was worthless and would amount to nothing.
When I was alone it was hard but I spent many weeks in beautiful hotels and treated myself like a princess. At least I was going to grieve in luxury.
And I don’t regret one moment.
I studied every morning to take my mind off the severe physical pain I was in. I learned that there are Universal Laws to live by and I let go of the artificial. I painted a large painting of an ocean wave with house paint and I used broken glass for the foam and shells and pebbles in the sea bed and I auctioned it at a gala and donated the money to The Rape Recovery Center. And by the painting I wrote, “No matter how broken we think we are, we are All Beautiful Diamonds. I spoke at an evening for rape and sexual abuse victims and I read my poetry and inspirational writing. For years the severe chronic pain dogged my life but five months ago I got rid of it. Not with drugs. I will not take them. Now I can move forward.
I am so ready to share my writing, my books and the love I have.
I’ve cried a million tears wishing I could move forward faster. And smiled a trillion smiles of gratitude. My website and blog aren’t marketed yet (but they are beautiful and they will be). Because I will never give up. And I’m going to do a You Tube channel. I’m a great grandma now and I love that I have three beautiful daughters and fourteen grandchildren but I am never going to give up on my dream of leaving a legacy.
So I’m just putting this out there. And I’m saying these things so you will know that there is nothing absolutely nothing you cannot overcome.
No matter who you are, no matter what is happening in your life and no matter how difficult or dark life seems I promise you that when you believe in yourself and when you know your thoughts create your reality you can overcome anything.
There Is Always Another Way.

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