Everything in our life is based on what we think and believe. It is absolutely imperative we become conscious of old stuck beliefs that shame us and blame us and block us and keep us from believing other people love and want us in their life.

It is also imperative that we deal with our own feelings otherwise we are going to be stuck on anger or fear or controlling others and we wont be able to move past things.

We have to know how to deal with our feelings and how to clear them ourselves. When we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got. This is why things will never change unless we learn a new paradigm.

There are ways and techniques to break this hold that our programming has upon us. You have to not only want it enough but learn it and act upon it. Its no use just reading of it and not applying these things. The book The Four Agreements is fabulous and has so many answers to how we can be, but when the pain and the intense feelings of lack of self worth or massive anxiety comes up everything can go out of the window. That is why I love the technique that Limitless teaches. It is very similar to techniques I have used in the past which teach you to immediately go to the memory that comes to you when you are in this kind of debilitating pain that is rising up to be healed. That is the great thing about it, these memories come up to actually be healed. If we take drugs to drug them away, or we insist on shoving them back down we are not going to move forward.

It takes us out of our comfort zone to remember things from the past that have hurt us but it is a few moments of remembering which moves us forward into more peace and joy and creativity. Compare this with going back into the same programming and these things do not go away. You can put them on hold and insist that you are sick and drug yourselves into oblivion almost but the truth is that even if you do not deal with them the energy will be passed on to your children and then they will have to deal with them. I am very clear that is what has happened with myself.

My mother died of a heart attack relatively young while in a very controlling and abusive marriage. I cannot blame her for not dealing with things. She knew no other way. But we do. We have an ocean of technology and wonderful answers at our fingertips.

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