We have come a long way away from true authenticity. I am not just a Herbalist. I am a Vitalist. A Vitalist believes that the body is equipped to heal itself. We believe that through excellent nutrition and allowing your food to be your medicine and your medicine your food that we can stave off many illnesses to begin with. Once an illness has presented itself then we, at least in them way I have been taught, will create a whole program. This program consists of the highest forms of healing and yet often the simplest. The program consists of pure water, fresh juice, cleansing the body, especially the bowels. It consists very much of positive thought, positive affirmations, and as I mentioned excellent food and herbal formulas which are specific for the organs or part of the body afflicted. Unless there is an immediate emergency we do not cut into the body, give toxic drugs and certainly not give sentences of death. By ‘sentences of death’ I would refer you to a true story of two men who had their diagnoses mixed up. The man who had very little wring with him was told he’d die in a few weeks. He arranged his funeral and died! The other man who supposedly was so sick he was meant to die continued to live for much longer. Such is the power of thought and belief. This is why Don Miguel Ruis calls doctors who give theses labels and diagnoses ‘Black Magicians.’ Without perhaps always realizing the immense power they wield doctors dole out death sentences from their western training. Compare that with Dr. John Ray Christopher’s oft repeated quote. “There are no Incurable diseases. There are only Incurable people who refuse to believe.”
Whether you believe in God or not (and I do) nature is set up in the most powerful yet simplistic way to heal us, just as our body is. Talking of black magic we can easily see the immense sway of power that Western medicine has upon thousands of people. We look up to authority figures. We let them label us and our children and we take those powerful negative thoughts and we nurture them and give them immense power. We talk of our illnesses. We make conversation. We become them. We even at times wear them as a badge of courage. We set up ‘ways to find cures’ when the most simple ways are right in front of us. Millions and billions of dollars go towards ‘healing’. When a natural cure is promoted ‘Big Pharm’ shuts it down and often destroys the person who is promoting it. Don’t believe me? Start researching.
. There are two forms of medicine. Allopathic healing, Atomism, and natural healing, Vitalism. Within natural healing there may be many forms and techniques used but a Vitalist believes that our body heals itself. A Vitalist uses a holistic approach supporting and encouraging the body to heal itself and to maintain health. An atomist will act upon the body with outside influences such as drugs and surgery.


Encarta Dictionary – a doctrine that maintains that life and the Functions of a living organism depend on a nonmaterial force or principle separate from physical and chemical processes. Vitalism believes in supporting the body to heal itself from within. Vitalism does not believe in suppressing symptoms or breaking the hermetic seal of the skin through surgery or using chemical means such as drugs to heal the body, mind or spirit. While the author of this article understands that we live in a world where prescription drug use is wide spread our aim is to teach people that there are other ways.


Because drugs are so powerful and can have serious side effects when you come off them, or when you mix them with herbal formulas we urge you to see a qualified proffessional before attempting to come off any type of pharmaceutical drug.


Observes nature and helps it in its course.
Believes that the body has an inherent nature to move towards wellness.
Supports and empowers the bodies innate healing.
Believes that the skin is the protective layer of the body and therefore does not believe in puncturing the hermetic seal.
Believes that healing can be done without this happening.
Believes in using things in their wholesome, natural state – Organic, synergistic, whole. Non toxic.
Believes in getting to the root cause and allowing the body to remove this cause by cleansing, repairing and nourishing the body, thereby allowing the bodies innate healing mechanisms to come into play.
Believes there is only one basic disease – constipation and blockage of the vital movement and energy of the vital functions of our body, mind and spirit.

Believes in what can be seen.
Acts upon the body with outside influences.
Will use drugs, surgery and other chemical and mechanical techniques to suppress or remove the disease or offending organs/limbs.
Believes in separating constituents out and using them in ways different than nature intended.
Prefers to be in control of the situation.
Believes there are many diseases.

We spend over 110 billion dollars on cancer care. Cancer rates and the number of deaths from cancer have gone up dramatically over the past years. We are supposedly the envy of the world but nothing has really come of it. October 16, 2002 in the Wall Street Journal there was a report by Sharon Begley which said that, ‘New Statistics Show Increase, Not Decline, in Cancer Rates.”

Dr. Peter Thompson, of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, says children and teenagers are at risk of developing health problems only adults are usually confronted with – such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The Journal of the American Medical Association July 26th 2000, states that medical mistakes, infections, and pharmaceutical drugs are the third leading cause of death. In one year, two hundred and eighty four thousand died under the’supervision’ of the medical proffession – from iatrogenic diseases – doctor induced diseases, not the illness they came in from. One hundred and six thousand of that number died taking the properly prescribed therapeutic dose of pharmacy medication. That did not include interactions, overdoses, or mis-prescribed drugs.

We lost approximately 4,000 people on September 11th 2001, but we lose over 1,000 a day following the medical system we have.

Dr. Peter Breggin, AUTHOR OF “Toxic Psychiatry” says that ADD is an iatrogenic disease. He estimates that the use of Ritalin usually exceeds 500,000 children a year in the United States, and can reach as high as a million.

In “Medical News and Perspectives,” in the May 6, 1988, Journal of the American Medical Association, Virginia Cowart estimated the 1988 total at 800, 000 children. Ritalin is a class 2 drug – equivalent to Speed. Ritalin usage is escalating. The FDA was forced to double its proposed ceiling on the production of Ritalin, according to William Schmidt’s “Sales of Drug Are Soaring for treatment of Hyperactivity,” in the May 5, 1987, New York Times.