Creator of all that is living and all that is beauty, we ask that we might accept ourselves that we will love ourselves just the way we are and be grateful for every experience and for every feeling. We ask that we will accept our body and mind the way it is and in knowing who we are we will honor our self, and others, in such a way that we will never again hurt and abuse our self, or let anyone else do so.
We ask for our hearts to be open and our eyes to see. We ask that our ears will hear the truths of heaven as we listen to the songs of birds and the laughter of children. We set our intention to see the beauty and divinity in every person we meet, and especially in our own self, that we may love others, and love our self, with the strength of all that is good. We ask that rather than sabotage our relationships and hurt one another, that we live our life in reality, being honest and true to our own self. We acknowledge all the beauty and goodness in this world, and we claim the truth that we are divine. We live in awareness of truth, no longer needing the good opinion of others. We know. We live.
We are true to all that is divine and empowering, all that is born of love.
With intense love we enjoy our body, our mind and our spirit. Respect and self nurturance is part of our every day life. We honor the temples which hold the spirit of our souls and we care for each cell of our body with gratitude. We love without judgment as we open our hearts and cleanse our minds of all criticism and self negation. May we live in love and romance with those we choose to make our partners, and may we live in respect and kindness and clear communication with our families and friends.
Help us to love to forgive all wrongs, to remove ourselves from those who would lower our self esteem, and treat us as though we are less. Let us forgive. As we set our intentions to transform our lives into healthy and happy relationships with loving family and friends, we ask that they too may awake to the beauty and gratitude of the world around them and the wisdom of truth. Communicating for situations which provide winning answers for both people let us live together in harmony and oneness, working for the goal of joy for all who we come in contact with.
As we live with child like love the wisdom of the ancients is ours for the choosing and the truths of awareness help us to see that all that we think and all we envision is ours.

As we begin this new day, let us live in deep gratitude enjoying the air we breathe, the light of the sun, and the cool of the star filled night. Let us rejoice in the diversity of life and in all people that we meet, shedding a loving presence from the clear knowing that we are all divine.

By Kasandra Sheldan – written after reading The Mastery of Love. By Don Miguel Ruiz.