Perhaps the easiest place to begin to release depression is to follow whatever would bring us a change in feelings.  Feelings often come form our thoughts so how do we change our thoughts?.  Well, you can google and listen to Affirmations or videos on the internet.  This is a very simple thing to do and does not require a lot of effort.  I highly recommend Power Thoughts Meditation Club.  I listen to their meditations all night long and I definitely feel they make a big difference.

Also, I carry a product called QMIndfit that I absolutely love and recommend.  You can find this under Products and Services. Q Mindfit takes you into Alpha state to reprogram your mind with a state of the art machine of lights and sounds and sessions to move you forward into your life.  Again, because I have been in the place you have been I have done everything possible to provide many tools for free.  If you don’t have a budget to get the QMindfit then listen to the Power thoughts Meditation I just mentioned.

Be ready to change your diet, your thoughts, and the way you live so that your energy can raise to the highest vibration possible but do it in tiny steps being incredibly kind to yourself. Begin very slowly.  Make it simple.  Water is one of your very best medicines.  I have found that if it is not OUT AND SEEN I did not always take it.  So, I would put six to eight glasses actually out on my table with a pitcher of water.  That way I knew what I had drunk and it was a constant reminder.  Now?  I have a water app to remind me to take water…Yes, I need reminding.  🙂   And I have a system of water bottles for my car also.  Seems such a small thing but it is huge to be hydrated.

Set your kitchen up with the correct products and appliances and get rid of processed food and buy in healthy to create the healthiest of dishes.   You can have someone come in to help you do this or do it yourself. Just grit your teeth and get rid of the stuff that you know makes you feel crappy.  White processed junky stuff.   I have a shopping list that I use.  But you need to find the things YOU LIKE.!  I had a hard time eating raw fruits and veggies.  I found if I cut them up tiny I could eat them much better.  The most important thing is not to become neurotic about it and if you really want a big fat pizza and ice cream then eat it without guilt.  ENJOY IT.  Yes, you heard me right.  Life is about enjoyment.  Just start to become aware that there are better things.   For me it was often about balance.  I had learned how to eat but I still had patterns in place where I would eat really well and then binge and wonder why I felt so bad.  Or, I would find a food I liked and eat it to exclusion of other foods.  We are looking at making things SIMPLE for you.  So, don’t lose heart if you just ate the biggest meal of yummy processed food.  You will live.  Its okay.

Just begin to become Aware.  And if you really want to immerse yourself in a wonderful and simplistic understanding of true food then go to and sign up for the nutrition class.  It completely changed my life!   I got rid of numerous illnesses when I changed the way I ate.  Your food will then become your medicine and your medicine will become your food.  You can also find healthy, mucusless recipes on  And no, you don’t have to but this is one of the ways your mind will clear.  So, do it happily or not at all.  Otherwise you will sabotage yourself.  You can still eat all your yummy type stuff in a different way with different recipes if you can relax and open your mind to new ideas.  So often our food is about control.

Consider taking minerals and micronutrients which have been proven to be highly successful in bringing people to a place of joy, health and peace. Please watch Tony Stephan’s video on here under the heading of Products and Services.  Again, I want to make this really simple for you and I love Q96 which is the product you will learn of.  This was a product that was prayed for and longed for to help people with depression.  Again, for those of you who are thinking your budget is too tight – go to my page on supplements in your food and put those food supplements together.  We HAVE to stop blaming money for not getting well.  Poverty consciousness is a whole other subject to read about but I have tried with all of my heart and soul to understand where you are at because…as I keep saying…I have been there.

Consider having a personalized ‘Vision For Your Life’ which is recorded.  I offer my services to do this or you can do it yourself.
Consider creating and listening to your own inspirational music playlists, videos, movies.  Create a  book list of all the uplifting books also.

Consider decluttering your home.   The stuff we hold onto physically ties into our emotional and mental ‘stuff’ that we are holding onto. There is a way that you can keep most of your stuff but it will be in ORDER and then it is ready to move it out of your space when YOU are ready to do so.  Look for it on The Abraham Hicks website.

Bring movement and energy into your life if you haven’t already done so.  Have the simplest stretches and movements to a full  exercise program.  Again this is up to you and what you feel works for you.  And if you don’t throw the guilt away because the guilt does you no good at all.  You will know when you are ready.

I could talk a lot more about the importance of nature and music and following your own dreams etc.  But I am not going to. I have mentioned a lot of things and you can also browse my other articles and my second website I would begin with one thing at a time especially if things appear to be overwhelming.  To recap: If you are wanting change I would first of all change your water intake, then your food and along with this I would use the QMIndfit.  If you feel the Qmindfit is not for you there is a wonderful website I have told you of called Power Thoughts Meditation Club that has many free videos on which are excellent. I use these videos nightly and listen for eight hours while asleep.    I recommend them highly.


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