Our lives are all about choice. If we are feeling down and we feel that joy is out of our reach then action changes things. Joy is the ultimate prize, the icing on the cake, the jewel on the crown. We ought to have joy and peace and unconditional love for our self as much as anyone as our goal above everything else, otherwise why are we here?

We matter. Our experiences matter. If our experiences are less than joyful it’s because we have blocks and programming that need to be removed or we may need lifestyle changes.  Choosing joy may require a bit of work in order to reach your destination but every step you make, every thought you have takes you closer to love and joy, or further away.

How do we choose joy if there are barriers in the way, such as negative thoughts or illness?
Well, for me… self guided meditations and hypnosis have been an immense help. Reading inspirational material or watching movies which shift your energy. Changing your diet. Changing your thoughts. Changing your lifestyle to reflect a higher vibration. These are the ways that I have found work. I have articles on my web site that go into detail about things you can do to raise your vibration.

Mother Theresa said, ” A joyful,heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. She gives most who gives joy.” And so, the kindness, the love, the service of our lives becomes a huge catalyst in knowing joy. They go hand in hand. It is the divine working through us. Not pious or pompous works but everything from the smallest act to the grandest gesture.

The smell of rain soaked grass, holding a kitten, a babies smile, a walk by the river when the dragonflies are flitting over it, a hummingbird fluttering a few feet from us, the breeze blowing a young girls hair, the strength of a young mans heart as he gives himself to courage. A field full of poppies. The sadness streaked through life like whisper of clouds colors the bigger picture. It is all part of the joy.

Joy is a mantle of love and giving and open hearted generosity. Joy is golden with promises and full of comfort and soft with tenderness.

Just as we are to choose kindness every day, we are to choose joy. That which gives us sorrow contrasts with our joy. There comes a time, if you are lucky and patient when your heart feels gratitude for it all, for both the dark and the light, and the joy becomes a dazzling gift so precious to you and so immense that you want to slice it up like a cake and give a piece to everyone. You can’t. They have to find their own, but you can let them feel and touch and see and smell and wonder and it will almost seem as though it belongs to them. Because of your kindness, because of your love, because of your light, they will be set clearly upon the same pathway to find in time their own brilliance.

We help each other one by one by constantly shining our light and reminding each other of who we are. We remind each other of how wondrous and fleeting life is and because we remember this we give each other joy.
Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.
Pierre Teilhard

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