Clutter is tied up with our emotions. You can feel much lighter when you remove emotional baggage and removing clutter helps us with our emotions..
When you remove clutter you’ll remove emotional baggage.

We accumulate clutter when we focus upon other things than the present time and your beautiful life.

Take a room a time.

Ask yourself the following questions as you pick each item up.

Is it broken? Is it worth mending?
Would you keep this if it were given to you as a gift?
How does the item make you feel?
Would you pay full price for it?
Do you have more than one?

Abraham Hicks has a great way to de clutter. Get 20 boxes and number them. You ask yourself if each item is something you will use in present time. With the items you aren’t using immediately. Record which number box you put your items in. Observe over the following weeks if you use anything from the numbered boxes.   If you don’t then time to declutter and give that box away.  ☺️

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