And according as a man inherits truth so will he avoid darkness.

When I googled “Prevention of Mental Illness” I came across a lot of talk about genetic disorders and the importance of tests and focusing upon the illness itself and expecting it to come into your life. Well, guess what? What you focus on is what you get. So those of you who like the women who have their breasts cut off to stop breast cancer because it is in their families if you are of the mind that you ‘expect’ to get mental illness, you probably will.

But if you are determined to find truth and determined to know how to live in peace and harmony then you will find what you are looking for. The truth will set you free.

For me, if you wish to prevent mental illness, first create peace and joy and harmony in your life. The true wealth of our life lies in understanding the false from the authentic and utilizing these tremendous gifts given freely by a Divine Creator. We have removed ourselves form nature and we must claim back all that is ours in the most gentle and discerning way.
If your environment does not lend itself to peace, then get out of that environment and create the peace and harmony that you need to live a happy life. The Quakers created a home that healed the mentally ill. They did it without drugs. They did it by creating a home of peace and order with good food and clean clothes and loving respectful interactions and happy people and gardens to walk in and libraries and afternoon tea.

Of course this may all appear to you to be easier said than done but I promise you it could be even harder if you just leave everything to default.

Some of the most beautiful teachings I know is from the Essenes.

The Essenes are described as a race unto themselves more remarkable than any other in the world. The oldest of the initiates. The teachings explains the Holy Laws and man’s deviation from it and how it has caused countless problems. The beautiful thing is that the teachings also give the solutions. To me, these teachings are incredibly simplistic and beautiful.

They knew it takes a long time for an individual to change his ideas, thinking and habits and learn to cooperate with the law. The individual himself has to do the changing; nobody else can do it for him.
But a higher and higher understanding of the law can be brought about gradually, the Essenes believed, through teaching and example.

There are sixteen elements in the Essene teachings which embrace life. These elements correspond, to a degree, to fourteen forces symbolized by the Essene Tree of Life. As we consider these we can see the value they have in our life and how we can use these forces. As we continually improve our relationship to each of the sixteen forces we can achieve greater harmony and utilize their powers and energies. The Essenes believed that when we do this we can find the highest measure of joy and service. If we continue to deviate from these natural forces then life becomes more and more difficult. We are freely given natural gifts and many of us do not use them.

You might want me to tell you that there is some miracle cure which is in effect what drugs are supposed to do. But what do they really do to us? They create a temporary fix and they are toxic and they take us even further away from the balance of the natural and cosmic forces that will genuinely heal us. I could suggest one tool or a product that you can pay for, but why? Why would you want these things when the answer lies right before you? I have included tools and there are products such as essential oils that can be of help, but it is the change of our whole life style that truly corrects our imbalances.
The Essenes would have a weekly self analysis to understand the teachings of these forces and how well they were doing.

Eight of the sixteen forces belonged to the earthly forces and eight to the cosmic ones. The earthly forces were the sun, water, air, food, man, earth, health and joy. The cosmic powers were power, love, wisdom, the preserver, the Creator, eternal life, work and peace.
The analysis considered each of the forces from three different aspects: How well do you understand the force? Do we feel the significance deeply and sincerely? and thirdly are we using the power continually in the best possible way?
Take food alone and we can easily see how we could completely destroy the efficacy of healthy food and drink. As we take into our bodies processed white food and eat out of balance then we become sick. The body affects the mind and everything works synergistically

These positive cosmic forces flow all around us and through us but deviations from the law in the way we think and feel and act can create powerful negativity. We either cooperate consciously or unconsciously with the superior forces or with the negative ones. When we choose consciously to cooperate with the positive forces our life improves exponentially. When we live with negative thoughts we crete a negative life.

You have modern science all around you. It is up to you to decide if these ancients teachings carry the truth of human health and well being.

When we live in an artificial world of greed and competition and vanity we remove ourselves from the natural world and from the gifts that are all around us. We have to understand first what it is that is causing us to be depressed and in pain. And if we seek in the artificial answers we will miss the overall truth that all we need has already been given to us.

Out thoughts are of immense power. First we get to look at our thoughts and how conscious we are. Then, as I have mentioned we get to look at our environment. Not just your immediate environment but the environment of nature. The laws of nature are designed to work with our bodies.
Next, look at your food. What are you eating? Do you truly understand that your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food? Don’t take my word for it. Read and study and understand why. Do the same about herbs. The herbs I learned of were classified as food. They are here for your healing. Eat the foods that feed your body and your brain. Everything is synergistic.

And so you have looked at your thoughts and beliefs and your environment and your food and drink. Now look at your breathing and the air that sustains us and the light and sunshine that is at our disposal. Are you drinking fresh water and enough of it? How are your relationships with others? How is your desire to live fully and freely and with the highest vibration possible?

Do you understand the earth and the plants and your own creative process?
Ae you searching for wisdom and is your heart in tune with love? Do you truly desire peace in your life and do you understand that the whole universe is a cosmic ocean of life. These currents of cosmic power are continually uniting with all forms of life on all planets and as a conscious human being don’t you want to understand how these forces matter to you?

Many artificial and harmful things have been set up in the world. When we clearly know the difference we can avoid those things which harm us and cleave to the wonderful forces and energies which are all around us. As we consciously choose for them to interact with our body, mind and spirit we move away form all that will harm us and embrace life.
Different bodily systems absorb energy from water, food, from the sun etc. A simple example would be the tremendous blessings we get from light. Light is critical for our health. Sunlight is said to increase the hormone serotonin. Exposure to the ultraviolet-B radiation in the sun’s rays causes a person’s skin to create vitamin D. vitamin D is essential for supporting the immune system, protecting against dementia and aging of the brain, essential for decreasing asthma, strengthening teeth and is anti cancerous.
Sunlight kills bad bacteria and heals many skin disorders. Sunlight Cleanses our blood and blood vessels, it increases the oxygen in our blood and lowers blood pressure and definitely helps to cure depression.

Fresh air is good for your digestion and it strengthens your immune system nd cleans your lungs. It improves your blood pressure and hate are and givens you a sharper mind and more happiness and more energy.

Water flushes out toxins and maintains regular bowel movements that is super important for feelings great. Water increases your energy and helps headaches and improves skin improves weight loss and prevents cramp and sprains. The third objective tells us that in order to utilize these currents of energy we must establish a connection between our organs and the vibrational energy of these gifts that are given to us freely. We have to actively connect with these forces.

The Essenes connected with these forces through communions in the morning and at night.

Imagine rising each morning and concentrating in gratitude upon each of these wonderful blessings. As you consciously focus and absorb the power of each force you can consciously utilize each gift.
The purpose of this Communion was to establish unity between man’s physical organism and the nutritive forces of the earth.
As we contemplate all of the different foods we have and our association with these foods we can see how we relate to them. The blood of plants is very similar to our own blood. The minerals and nutrition we need for our body is found in true food. It is not found in the artificial foods that man makes and food is perhaps one of themes powerful ways to heal from depression. Our body is formed from the elements of the earth. We are nourished by plants and healed by herbs and food. Herbs are a food. The natural foods of the earth are supplied in absolute harmony with our bodies. Natural foods are of paramount importance to our life. The Essenes had remarkable physical health and it was in large part due to the purity of what they ate .
Our food is truly our medicine and our medicine is our food. Contemplate upon the genuine food given to us. I call it the food of the Gods. It can only be found growing from the earth, on the trees and bushes and in natural places. Ask yourself, “Where is my unity between my whole being and the nutritive forces of the earth?” Become conscious of the processes of metabolism all of which are designed in perfect order. Though man separates the plant to make a drug he can never come near the exquisite blending of perfect elements given to us by the Divine.
Every seventh day, the Essene Sabbath, was consecrated to one of the aspects of peace and communal gatherings were held, separate from the individual contemplations. These gatherings were for the purpose of considering the practical collective application of the particular peace being concentrated upon on that Sabbath.
THE ANGEL OF THE EARTH – SUNDAY MORNING Sun. Angel of Top Soil Regeneration – Earth Growth Glands
The purpose of the Communion was to transform the generative powers in life into the regeneration of the human body. Our focus the day is on the power of generation and regeneration. I cannot help but think of how Dr. John Ray Christopher was given the formula for Bone Flesh and Cartilage and how this incredible formula regenerates tissue and bone and renews and heals. The generative powers of nature in the top soil create vegetation. The soil has life generating powers. So does man. Just as the earth is fertile and energizing so does man have a regenerative force of sexual energy within the glandular system. As we are conscious of this great power and understand the forces behind it we can become conscious of creating life.

As I thought more of the Earth I also thought of Earthing.
When we walk barefoot on the earth we increase our antioxidants, reduce inflammation and improve sleep. There are great benefits from the relationship of our body and the earth. The planet has its own natural charge and we will do better when we are connected to it.

Health benefits come from our relationship with the electrons of the earth. Walking on natural surfaces is called Earthing. Earthing shares the electrical activity in the brain. It reduces stress and boosts immunity and it moderates heart levels and improves glucose retention. Walking self improves weight, removes toxins and prevents illness. We create rhythm when we walk. We return to our true self. Focusing upon the beauty of Mother earth allows us to be in the moment sensing space and freedom.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” Rachel Carson.

The Angel Of Life – Monday Morning. Mon. Angel of Trees Vitality – Life Force
In order to live at our maximum capacity we need to be conscious of the power we have in our thoughts and actions. Further on in the section on helpful tools you will see a piece about vibrational energy. You might want to study this and bring into your life all of those things that create higher vibrations. We can actually absorb life force from trees and forests. Being in nature significantly creates higher vibrations. fEeling joy and hitting positive and blessing others with our light all contribute to our quality of life.
The Angel of Joy – Tuesday Morning. Tues. Angel of Beauty Harmony – Joy

All forms of beauty were joyously contemplated in this Communion in order to make man conscious of the beauties of nature and the joy within himself in every part of his being. And how can we not marvel at the grandeur of a tree? Besides their beauty trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and animals. They absorb potentially harmful gasses, from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. And our fields and expand of grass on hills and where we walk. So beautiful and so life giving. And the flowers with their scent. Breathe in the beauty of Mother Earth as you contemplate.
The Angel of the Sun – Wednesday Morning. Wed. Angel of Sunrise Fire of Sun – Life

As we contemplate the sun we can soak up the suns rays and breathe in gratutidue for the many blessings that the sun gives to us. Man would have us believe that the sun causes cancer. There is a wonderful story that Dr. Christopher tells about a man who had cancer and he was a shepherd. Dr. Christopher told him to leave his hat and boots on but to expose himself gradually to the sun as well as eating the correct food. The sun drew the caner out of his body. Of course you are welcome to believe that the chemical filled sun screens are okay and the God given sun isn’t. For me the answer is pretty simple. The Sun is one of the greatest healers we have.
I love to breathe the suns rays into my body and distribute them through the cells.
The Angel of Water – Thursday Morning. Thurs. Angel of Blood Circulation – Water Rivers

In this Communion all forms of water were contemplated, rivers, creeks, rain, the sap in trees and plants and so on, establishing as a living reality the unity between the waters of the body and the waters of the planet.

The Essenes considered the circulation of water in nature to correspond to the circulation of the blood in the body. They knew all organisms as well as their foods consist largely of water, which is also essential to life on earth. The perfection of the organism depends upon the quality of the blood, and in like manner the perfection of the physical environment depends upon the quality of the water available.

Many illnesses were cured by the Essenes and water was also one of the great healers.
The Angel of Air – Friday Morning.
Fri. Angel of Breath Energies of Air – Atmosphere

The purpose of this Communion was to make man conscious of the dynamic unity between air and life and that respiration is the link between the organism and the cosmos.The purpose of this Communion was to make man conscious of the dynamic unity between air and life and that respiration is the link between the organism and the cosmos, that where there is life there is breath, the cessation of one meaning the cessation of the other. Thus the atmosphere in surrounding nature and the air within the body have a stupendous role in health and vitality.
This Communion was accompanied by a certain deep rhythmic breathing enabling the Essenes to absorb specific energies from the atmosphere and establish a correlation of the self and the universe.
The Evening Communions
The seven evenings were given to the forces of the invisible world, dedicated to the totality of cosmic laws. the universe continually creates and we are part of this creation.
The Angel of Eternal Life – Saturday Evening. Saturday Kingdom of the Heavenly Father

Our communion with the Heavenly Father, The Creator, allows us to realize the importance of our union with the cosmic ocean of all radiations from all planets. We get to use our creativity to its fullest. The Essenes saw the cosmos as an inexhaustible store of energies and they are available to man as we perfect our organs and centers.
The purpose of the universe was seen as eternal life.

They believed that there was no limit to this progress since the cosmos is an in­exhaustible store of energies. These energies are available to us as we perfect our receptive organs and centers.

As we focus upon eternal life and immortality then we move our thoughts higher and realize that there are superior roles we get to play as individuals as well as planetary evolution.

The Angel of Creative Work – Sunday Evening. Sunday Kingdom of the Earthly Mother

The Communion of Creative Work was dedicated to all the things that have been created by human labor. Just think of all of the architecture and buildings and the art work. There are great paintings and woks of art and books. The Essenes believed that these beautiful works carried a vibration with them when we read or look at them. Although many artificial things have been created which hinder our progress and focus upon the material there are also many great and beautiful things that have been created and our creative work is very important.

The Angel of Peace – Monday Evening.NOON Monday Culture
Peace is greatly valued by the Essenes and

Peace is greatly valued by the Essenes. Peace begins within us. Our intuition as we meditate guides us to peace and to seek for peace not only within our self but for the whole universe. So important was peace to the Essenes that they had a special teaching concerning it which they called the Sevenfold Peace.

The Essenesuniversal greeting was, “Peace be with you.”

The Angel of Power – Tuesday Evening. NOON Tuesday Humanity – (Social Peace)

The Communion of power focused upon the activity we can utilize through our nervous system from all of the forces at our disposal. . The Essenes saw the whole universe as a cosmic ocean of life. They saw currents of cosmic power continually uniting with all forms of life on all planets. This connected man with all other organisms.
The Communion made man conscious of these cosmic vital forces surrounding us and within us. By becoming receptive to their activity we can absorb them through our nervous system and utilize them in every department of our life.

The Angel of Love – Wednesday Evening. NOON Wednesday Family – (Feeling Body)

Love was considered by the Essenes to be the highest creative feeling. The Essenes believed that there was a cosmic ocean of love. This love exists exists everywhere. It unitesall forms of life. To the Essenes life itself is an expression of love and joy.
AS we become receptive to these feelings we can understand them as a powerful source of energy and power. These feelings and thoughts of love can be direct to manifest in our outer world.
the Essenes did not harm others and they harmed no creature.
In the concept of the Essenes, any individual who hurts any form of life outside himself hurts himself equally,.
The Essees lived together in communities. They distributed all their surplus of food to the needy and they healed the sick. They expressed their love through their acts.
This faculty of attracting and sending forth superior currents of feeling was one of their great accomplishments.

The Angel of Wisdom – Thursday Evening.NOON Thursday Mind – (Thinking Body)

Thought was held by the Essenes to be both a cosmic and a physical function. Thought was seen as the highest and most powerful of all energies.

They believed in a a cosmic ocean of thought pervading all space and containing all thought. This was the highest and most powerful of all cosmic energies,
AS we tune into the wisest teachings of the past we can create powerful thoughts of harmony and wisdom.
We are sending and receiving powerful thought currents all the time and so it is important we are conscious of our thoughts. And of the wisdom available to us.
Each Communion of the fourteen represents a certain equilibrium between the man making it and the angel or force communed with.
The Heavenly Father – Friday Evening. NOON Friday Body – (Acting Body)
The communion on Friday evening was the Essenes’ central communion. this communion was dedicated to the totality of cosmic laws as well as to the realization that the universe is a process of continuous creation in which we must take our part.


There were also a third group of practices held at noon each day which dealt with different parts of our life. These were contemplations calling upon the Heavenly Father to send His Angel of Peace to harmonize these different parts of our life.

As we practice the fourteen Communions we can expand our consciousness and make better of the invisible forces of nature and the cosmos.

The Sevenfold Peace shows the practical application of this expanded consciousness in our daily life in relationship to the different aspects of life.

Ultimately you want to create good health with these laws. There are things that will help you to transition from the darkest night to the brightest day and you will create harmony and joy and peace. You cannot continue deviating and choosing to live in an artificial world and have quick fixes and expect to have harmony peace and true joy.
Below are the tools which I used to mov thorough my journey. Of course I did not know about the Essene teachings at the time I had Post Traumatic Stress. In fact I did not understand the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Piece by piece I kept my promise to find out why my life was such a mess and what I could do to help others. Although these tools below were of help it was truly the overall changes i made to create a new way of life which brought me to this place of peace and love.