When I say, “Do your work” I mean self examination. Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living. If we continue to repeat the same thing over and over again then we get the same results.
Every major decision in our lives as well as the minor ones can be looked at in order to understand ourselves better. We can examine our thought process and beliefs. We spend years educating ourselves and many of us go through life oblivious to the impact of our subconscious. Once we begin to understand ourselves we can remove blocks to our success.

When my grandmother was alive ‘doing your work’ came about organically as neighbors stood on their doorsteps chatting together about their lives. When the daughter of one of my grandmothers neighbors became paralyzed she was told she’d never walk again. My grandmother told her that wasn’t true and she went in every day for a year and massaged her legs and got her walking again. Our beliefs and our thoughts have a massive impact on
our lives and our actions. When whole groups of people gather together with the same objective success is often guaranteed.

Now, we go to therapists, groups and counselors, but there are hundreds of tools on the Internet to direct us to things that can empower us.
The problem is that we have a huge amount of distractions. Just like the sirens in the Greek myth of the Odyssey we have all kinds of alluring temptations ready to take us off track.

You have to set your intentions, but first you have to know them. If Joy is your overall intention then you have to specifically reduce your goal into manageable steps of those things that bring you joy.

Is it your family? Sports? Your job? Giving to others? Is it a whole host of things? A certain lifestyle? Doing your work means removing the blocks so that your life is as easy to manage and as plain sailing as possible.

Once you have a clear idea of your intentions if you will commit to doing your work your subconscious will become more conscious and you will, I promise, get to know yourself better.

* Journal your thoughts each night.
* Write about your childhood and all you wanted to be. Keep writing all you can remember and especially how you felt at important times in your life. By doing this you’ll see what beliefs you may have taken on.
* Search the Internet for workshops and go to some of them.
* Learn tapping.
* Learn Ho ‘O pono pono.
* Read all you can about being conscious and aware.
* Learn about deep breathing and how this fits in with being aware.

Doing your work applies to all levels of your body, mind and spirit. Once you slow down and examine your life you can draw upon a whole wealth of information.
Nowadays, everything is at your fingertips to show you how to change your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of yourself. Being on the journey and enjoying the process can become a joy in itself. We do the work to clear the blocks. We step into the joy to live the true fullness of our purpose in life.

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