It amazes me how we link things together that probably have no fit, but we use them to blame what is going on in our lives.

For instance, we will touch a feather, and if we become sick the day after we might blame the feather. We have touched dozens of things throughout the day, but we have to find a reason, (other than our thoughts, programming and beliefs) as to why we became sick. What did we do that was different? Aah! We touched a feather. Feathers must be dirty. Birds must carry sickness. Let’s blame the birds. Now we move from a singular personal thought into the creation of collective consciousness.
On a certain level we want it to be found that the birds are carrying disease. We want to be able to blame something other than our own thoughts, lifestyles beliefs and habits.
But children are born into the world sick and ailing. Yes, they are. Why? Because their generational lineage carries this sickness, this impure way of living where there parents and lineage have strayed from those teachings which bring us good health.
Now, take away the word impure and replace it with one which has no negativity, no blame or shame, no connotation. Replace it with a word that has no charge for you. and not only do you have a way to see the world through the eyes of innocence and love but you have a way to se the truth that we can heal all illnesses. We do not have to take upon us blame and shame in order to create a healthy lifestyle, but we do have to recognize that there is always another way, a higher road, for want of a better word, a purer way of living.

We learn first of all, by thinking, creating and allowing in the shadow side, so that we might more easily understand the light. So that the light might shine much brighter for us.
If you did not blame the birds and if you looked always to your own thoughts, actions and habits, what would this lead you to? If you were wise, it would lead you to change.
You would quit believing in a God of sickness and death and you would begin to believe that whilst sickness and death happens you can always make a new choice. Always. You can choose now to believe in life and happiness and health.
When you got sick, instead of rushing off to the doctor’s for more chemical, toxic build up in the form of drugs, you might look to your diet, your lifestyle, and your thoughts.

Instead of calling up friends to tell them how ill you are, instead of dwelling upon that illness, you might visualize the light and the health within your body and mind and spirit.

You might thank the Creator for your health and well being and the sure knowledge all is well, rather than weeping and worrying.

You draw to you that which you focus upon.

By doing the positive, by learning and growing in the light, and by having faith that all is well, you are creating the future and the healing of your life. By living the other negative way, you create a scene of sickness and poverty of body, mind and spirit.

As much as we would like magic to happen as it does on the movies, Poof and you are well, this is not how it will happen on earth. Why not? Because we learn by experience. We are here to learn. As we choose ways which support us rather than diminish us, we experience the healing of our bodies, the happiness of our minds, the love of our hearts and the inspiration of our spirits.
Try it. You might just find that the birds are darling creatures, sent to gladden our lives, as are the plants, the trees, and the air and the sun, etc. Best of all, your life will begin to change and your health and your happiness. As you look to and believe in a God of health, love and joy, things begin to slowly and sometimes, speedily, change.
Our thoughts and our beliefs lead to our actions and our environment is a telling factor in the health and happiness within our lives.
Let me tell you about a young man. A bright and beautiful young man, blessed with excellent looks and a healthy body and mind and spirit. Wherever he went he seemed to glow. People wanted to be around him. They wanted to listen to him. He became ill. It was found that he had cancer yet he handled the illness with such grace and wisdom and in such a positive way that it was difficult to believe he was sick.
But he was ill. He was seriously ill. He did all the things that are suggested in the above, except for one thing. He was not able to remove himself from the people around him who were embroiled in bitter conflict.
Each time he was around the stress of arguments and the pain of a broken family no matter how much work he had done to rebalance himself and to heal, he would fall into the most severe pain as he was exposed to the hatred and the arguments within the family.

He went to a healing center but still he was exposed to the family conflict as his father would still tell him what was going on. He was the one son that had chosen to go and live with his father after the divorce and so he had become his father’s confidant. The father would let his son listen to the daily phone calls to his ex wife, even ask his advice. And so even in this expensive healing place the young man could not rest from those things which his family chose to continue.

When he eventually passed away, the one family sued the other for wrongful death. Even after death the anger and hatred continued.
I believe that our children often come to be our Saviors, to distract us from the pain we are going through. They are asking us to love. They are asking us to show the kind of love to one another that Jesus showed. No matter how much we feel we have been wronged. When we refuse to do so, when we refuse to look at ourselves and others with love and forgiveness these children are often honor bound to create within themselves the mirror of their lives with us. 
Is all illness caused by a dysfunctional family? No. Is all illness caused by failing to love, and to forgive? Yes. I believe that ultimately it is. Are we to blame then if a child dies if we have not learned in time the lessons of love and forgiveness? I do not believe we are to blame and shame our selves. We are to become responsible for each of the choices we make and most of all responsible to know love, to teach love, and to be love. I believe that life is a great concert of experiences. For us to then take upon us even more negativity and see ourselves to blame we keep ourselves bound in a never ending cycle of negativity. Instead of realizing we did our very best and that we quite likely chose to experience these things, we now will tell ourselves that we have not loved enough, we are not good enough. We have caused a child to die because we could not be loving enough and bring peace into that child’s life.
We now heap guilt upon ourselves and lash out to blame others also.
The truth is that love is always the answer… love and forgiveness for our self as much as for the others in our life. We are here to learn to love and what if the experience itself is the lesson we all chose, and there is no blame? None! What if that child came to earth to teach us and also to grow and to be within his own sphere of life? Now from the experience of love that he brought to this family the death of this young man becomes a catalyst for love instead of hatred. It is choice. It is always choice. A choice to move into a place of peace and love and let the anger and the hatred go. What if?
Anthony de Mello tells a story about a woman who tells a Catholic priest that she sees God. The priest asks here to ask God about his sins and when he sees her again he asks her if she saw God again. The woman replied that she had and the priest asks, “What were the sins he says I committed.” The woman tells him, “He did not know. He could not remember them.” If we believe in an all knowing all loving God we will turn our attention away from the fear and the blame and we focus upon the many gifts and blessings that he has given to us.
I also love to recognize the female deity of a Heavenly Mother, and the many gifts that she gives to us also. By doing this, I become more aware of who I am.