I went on a depression site and almost every post was the most depressing suicidal words I had ever read. I am NOT criticizing. I have immense compassion but until we understand that perpetuating those thoughts over and over again is feeding the depression we are not going to get better. It is one thing to speak it. It is another thing entirely to constantly be in those thoughts and not move to higher ground. I know that I was taught to talk about the past, to get it all out. I have learned since THAT IS NOT THE WAY. Not at all. the way out of depression is to make massive changes in our life beginning with our thoughts. Yes, I am aware it is not easy but what is the alternative? I copied the following from my book and I just knew not to put it on this site I saw. The negativity was so intense. And you get more of what you focus upon. It has always been my desire to inspire others and help them. But first we have to truly understand what we need to change and how to do it.

I am a Master Herbalist, Nutritionist and Coach. I have suffered intense depression in the past. I am now a very healthy, happy person. I have written books on the way through this which I am just finishing to put on Amazon and Kindle, as well as created a second website which focuses specifically on overcoming depression. RadiantJoy Made Easy. I am just changing the domain so it is not up right at this moment. Let me stress to anyone reading this…. I am not selling anything or asking for anything.

I know how to be free of depression. I know how to live a joyful life. I am asking for nothing. I am sharing with you some ideas. I realize that people want a place to be able to speak the pain, but there must be the opposite going on also and a desire to move well away form the negative.

I cannot stress enough how the words we speak and the thoughts we think create our life. I felt such compassion to see what was happening on this site and I understand some may think I have no right to speak but I promise you it is our thoughts and words that change our life along with positive actions which I have listed in part below. We must start somewhere.

I recently talked to someone and told them they could heal arthritis. When I mentioned food and their bowels they were critical of those ideas. It is amazing how simplistic the true tools are and yet we want some convoluted difficult way to go. For those who are open…

This is from a portion of my website/books.

Because I genuinely care that you are living a happy life as soon as you can, I want to share some of these tools and ideas with you right now. These suggestions below are the most important ones that you can follow.
Of course you can read my books and read all the articles but if you want to get started immediately. However, I have some important and basic things that you need to begin right now.
There are specific natural laws to follow if you want to be well.
Laws for the spirit Laws for the mind and laws for the body.
They are very basic laws and when followed they lead to health and joy. When we deviate we find sadness and sickness.

Those who already know them and act upon them have no need for this book.
Much of what is in here is common sense. However, no matter how much we might agree with these basic laws, living them is another matter altogether.
We have become saturated in artificial products, artificial entertainment, and advertisements which actually tell us the dangers of what we are doing with pretty music in the background and promises of a better life along with he side effects. Our true life comes from our own empowered actions and thoughts.

You have to be absolutely focused and determined to change your life and willing to do all it takes. I have been there in that dark painful place and as I keep said my deepest desire has been to inspire and help others. Here is a brief rundown of part of those basic universal laws. So, lets begin.

1. THOUGHT – You can do a lot of things but if your mind is miserable and does not believe in what you are doing and your thoughts and words are negative you are not going to get very far. I am going to show you how you can reprogram your mind into positive thoughts but first of all I want you to understand vibration. Go and read the article I have about vibration. Once you have done that I want you to become conscious of your thoughts and spend a lot of time reading great books and listening to high vibrational videos. There are many on the internet for free and I go into all of this in depth but for now it isn’t difficult to follow what I am saying. You can find wonderful videos on visualization or look up Louise Hays spoken affirmations. I also want you to get some really great comedies and watch some movies that will make you laugh. Put together a music list of inspirational music. It doesn’t have to be boring. I have ‘It’s My Life’ by Bon Jovi and ‘Baby You’re A Firework’ on mine. The words have to be positive though. We aren’t entertaining your ego, we are entertaining your soul. Going over the past or negative things does not help. Focusing on the present and moving from one emotion to another slightly higher one and then moving upward does. Allow yourself to feel but do not stay in a place of sadness. there are ways to get out of that and I have lots of suggestions. Your most important job right now is to fid a way to feel better, even slightly. What would make you feel better? What do you need? Go do it!
2. WATER – Water is one of our greatest medicines. I want you to pour out six to eight glasses of water and put them out where you can see them so that you will know exactly what you are drinking. I want you to put a water app on your phone which will remind you to drink water.
3. JUICE – Do you have a blender or a Nutribullet? Get one if you do not and follow the recipes. The way we eat and drink has a huge impact on our minds as well as our bodies. It goes without saying of course that you need to stop drinking drinks that are no good for you. You know what they are.
4. FOOD – Eat only a mucusless diet or even better switch to a raw food diet. This will have an enormous impact on how you feel.
5. EXERCISE – Even if you only walk to the end of your drive and back I want you to begin moving. Why do we get ill? Because we allow our bodies and minds to become blocked. Stagnation and blockage lead to illness and eventual death. Movement and flow are life.