Imagination is the stuff of dreams and of all that is of the divine. It is the essence of all that has come, and all that will come, into being. How could the Creator have made this earth without first having the fullest and most glorious imagination?

In the past, a part of me used to believe that I was meant to play small. I believed that suffering not only had a place but it was a part of our life which could make us better people if we just trudged through it all. I still believe that through our trials we can become better, stronger people, but I see things now in a different way than I did before. I believe that yes, our trials can refine us, but suffering is not meant to be sought after, or put up with, nor is it meant to take up the majority of our life or our experiences. I believe that when this happens, when we allow negativity and depression to take up a large portion of our lives, we are reliving a family or a personal pattern which needs to be broken. We cease to flow and to believe in child like trust and beauty. We forget the magic of life and we live in ego and mistrust.

How are we to move from this place of hurt and mistrust to a place of joy?
When our lives and the lives of our families have been so taken over with illness, hurt or tragedy that we can hardly find it in us to take another step alone, we must allow ourselves to be lifted by another’s inspiration. This is the time to listen, to read, and to take part in all that will uplift us. We must draw upon the strength of others and for a small time we can lean upon another’s testimony of love and happiness. That is what you are doing as you read this and as you are inspired to remember the truth of who you are. Remember also that there are hundreds, even thousands of people and things waiting to uplift you to a higher place. A new day can truly be yours by gathering to you those things which are the very best. We are never alone.
When we can hardly put one foot in front of the other we must act. We can go to workshops, read books, listen to wisdom and learn the essence of all that is uplifting and healing. We can be in the deepest grief and in a place of ego, but if we make a decision beforehand that at these times nothing will keep us from listening and participating in those things which uplift and inspire us then our lives begin to change for the better.
When you feel that it is impossible to even lift a book, or listen to music, then is the time to call upon angels. Angels, God, even the touch and tender love of animals, whatever it is that you gain love and comfort from, this is your blessing at your time of deepest need. Our spirit, our choices, and our freedom bring to us the magic and the synchronicity and the true joy of life when we choose to move into action with the support of all that is good and beautiful. If we can simplify, life requires less effort as we hand our life over to a divine Creator.

Believe me, I know first hand how difficult this seems to be when we are filled with pain, but there is always a way through. We do our part by first creating, from our imagination, all those things which make our lives full, rich and filled with joy. Then we speak them, and then we act upon them.
When it seems impossible to allow even the smallest glimmer of light to come into our lives this is the time to look at what is stopping us from finding the truth and peace that we so desperately need.
Those things which stand in our way disallowing forgiveness, (and what is forgiveness but for giving to our selves?) can be seen as the opposition which will make us stronger. As we refuse to believe that this energy is anything but a temporary illusion and we believe with every fiber of our being that we will win through even the darkest night we will find ways to progress and move into peace and joy.
As we take that negative energy and transform it to the light, we are able to see that those things which we have endured make us better people in order to reach out to help others. Energy cannot die but it can be transformed. Just imagine all of this pain you are going through being transformed to light and love and action. Imagine it now working for your good.
How can we do this?
Start. Start right now to see your negative thoughts as simply a block to the truth and the implicit happiness that is waiting for you.
Close your eyes and gather those thoughts into a shape, into a color and into a sound and see the ocean washing them away, or the greatest wind blowing them to the ends of the earth. As you do, see the color change to the brightest of lights. White silver, or rainbow colored, whatever you choose. You see, one of your greatest gifts is choice.
Choice. Choice. Glorious amazing choice. This is what gives us the ability to live in freedom.
Many things come into our lives to block the true understanding of choice, but as Viktor Frankl showed us while he was in the death camps of Germany it is our mind and our imagination that will lift us above that which is holding us back and allow us to be free.

It is simple choice which makes the difference, coupled with the determination to seek out the very best and the decision to put these things into action. You must never, never give up.
It is imperative when we are feeling down to think the best and to speak the best and to have tools at hand. There are many free videos and audio tracks on the internet which will help to lift your thoughts and change your belief to a higher vibration. 
Read the autobiographies of a famous person you admire. Listen to amazing music.

If you can believe in a higher power then you know that with god nothing is impossible.
Times of trial are when you shore up your faith with inspiring books videos and workshops, music and anything which will bring you to the point of inspiration which carries you forward.

Move into this choice every day of your life and leave behind those things which threaten your peace and happiness.
So again, remember to close your eyes and see the negativity parceled up in a color sound and shape. Once you have seen these thoughts wafted or washed away, visualize the brightest of lights as the desires and wishes that you now want to turn into reality. Hear the sounds of children’s laughter, music, bells, anything which brings you happiness, and visualize and feel the new shapes and colors and scenes which signify love to you.

I have a friend who cannot visualize. She finds it impossible to see the images. I ask her then to simply imagine the words. To write them out bigger and bigger in her mind, to hear them being spoken if she is able to. If someone felt that even that was too much for them to do then I would get them a pen and paper and they would write out the words and scenes of their goals.
This way we have a tactile image to work with. Doing this along with the imagination and intention makes it even more powerful.
Many things have happened to me in my life, deep trials and great blessings. I have learned to focus on that which is wonderful. The deep depression that ran through my family is now replaced by light and by a conscious choice to allow my life to be saturated by the magic of love and light. Yes, there is a great deal of evil and opposition in the world but the message of this writing is that all the goodness of life is all around us working for us within the laws of nature. So many wonderful things are waiting for us when we choose to be all we can be.