If you have gone the allopathic way I believe that it is extremely important to stay on your medication until you have a very firm and clearly understood plan in place which will help you to transition from prescription drugs to natural healing. Please do not come off your drugs cold turkey. You are putting yourself at a lot of risk. Find excellent professional help. As to your choice of professional help I would find the very best holistic healer who has done this before or go to But that is up to you. If you have an allopathic doctor who understands natural healing then you have the best of both worlds. Allopathic drugs have very serious side effects. It is not easy at all to go off drugs and I certainly do not advise doing it without a firm and conscious plan in place. Please remember that coming off psychiatric drugs can actually make you psychotic or suicidal. Those of us who have walked this journey of Psychiatric treatment are often people who try to make it on their own. We would do well to ask for help and to take full responsibility step by step on our journey for our lives.

Abraham Hicks has this to say about mental illness:
“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.”

If you remember there was a time within my book before I had been drugged and put into a coma and electric shocked when I made a promise that I would find out why I had ended up in that place and I was determined to find better ways for healing than the very harmful treatments of drugs and Electric Shock and lobotomies. I believe I have succeeded in doing both.
I had great hopes of educating and helping others to understand that the concept of mental illness can have a very different understanding than the one we have now and the healing of our children can take a route that does not level them and cause harm. And then I looked around and saw the deluge of drugs and the masses who bought into these ways and I saw that there will always be levels upon levels.

Just as in the ancient times when people tortured and had inquisitions and thought it was entertaining to go to public hangings so do we have many people who are stuck in a level where they feel that going to war and shaming and blaming and all of the ugly things that go with violence is the answer.

We are all programmed to some extent. Many of us who are programmed may remain programmed until the ends of their lives and not even realize the programming. And isn’t it interesting that the television gives us ‘programs’? And the television advertises drugs and tells us quite openly about the dangers and side effects, albeit with sweet music and pictures alongside, but still they do tell us.

It has taken me a while to reach this place of speaking out and sharing my story. I remember making that promise that I made all those years ago, as I sat on an orange plastic chair in a psychiatric ward, not realizing the nightmare that was before me. I was given Electric shock treatment masses of drugs and put into a coma for a period of time while I was there. And who am I to tell others to do any differently? I don’t! I am simply sharing and letting others decide for themselves.

And who am I? Having been born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and having grown up in the North of England this is who I am. With a smile on my face I like to say, “I am a Celtic Warrioress, from the dustbowl of Oklahoma, and I got fire in my blood, and courage in my bones and love in my heart and I stand up and I show up for myself and others.”

People say that lobotomies are not used any more and most people think that Electric Shock is also obsolete but no, they have not gone.
In the 1930’s researchers began experimenting with a number of so-called shock therapies meant to reroute the circuitry in a diseased brain. patients were brought to the edge of death form an overdose of the hormone insulin. others were given Metrazol which triggered seizures so violent that they often fractured vertebrae. these treatments subdued people, at least for a while. I will never forget reading of a young woman who had to have over a hundred shock therapies before they reduced her to a child like version of her self. She had, by the way, been taken into the psychiatric ward because she was sexually active and her very religious parents as well as the medical people saw this as aberrant.

A few years ago my husband showed me an article called “Lobotomies Are Back!’ Lobotomies are even more harmful to the brain than Electric Shock treatment is. A lobotomy destroyed the the anterior part of frontal lobes of the brain, by cutting or scraping away most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex. The operation was performed by shoving an ice pick through the eye into the area of the brain. They had to be taught after how to use the toilet and how to walk again. It is beyond my understanding how anyone can think this is good.

Nevertheless, as I have mentioned lasers are now used and your loved one will be told a wonderful new surgery has been developed called Cingulotomy.

There were about 50,000 lobotomies performed in the USA. About 2,000 World War Two veterans were lobotomized. After every war we are left with many psychiatric cases. Lobotomies often reduced people to child like idiots. Some were crippled for life, some were in a vegetative state, others suffered seizures, amnesia, loss of motor skills, and some died in the actual operation. Most were reduced to late overgrown children. The lobotomies severed neural pathways and it was seen as acceptable to cut away parts of the brain as though it were diseased and useless now. Of course we are made in the image of God and there is nothing our body or mind cannot put right given the correct healing. Lobotomies sacrificed a person’s personality and in an article by ???
I quote, “The question of whether it really worked is of course central to the whole thing. And it really comes down to what does ‘work’ mean? If you have a loved one, a vet who’s come back forth Pacific or something, and he is anguished and maybe violent – and hitting his head against the wall, or just rocking back and forth – and the surgery, the lobotomy makes him stop being violent or stop hitting his head against the wall, you might say, “Hey. That surgery worked.” On the other hand, what if his personality was gone after that? And he was unable to function independently for the rest of his life? He had the manners and the mannerisms of a child, but in the body of an adult? Did the surgery work? When we look back at this time period and at the doctors who made the decision and the families who took their advice and decided to go ahead with the surgery, we’re really asking ourselves, were they correct in saying that they were able to make that decision about a trade off. Are they better after the surgery? In some sense, maybe. And in other senses definitely not.
Another thing to note is that few of them lived long after the operation. Franklin Freeman his son said, “You can never talk of a successful lobotomy. You may as well talk of a successful automobile accident.

Popularity for this harmful and extreme surgery faded out as negativity in relation to the effects of the surgery increased. People ended up without their full intelligence or their once vibrant personality. Their brain of course was very damaged. That is what the operation set out to do. In 1953 the U.S.S.R. banned lobotomies. One Soviet doctor said that lobotomies turned an insane person into a idiot. Usually any good things that were said about the surgery was because it had reduced the person to a dribbling shadow of their former self. But sometimes we prefer someone to be compliant than angry or depressed and yet it is our very feelings of anger and depression that are speaking to us to move us into different places. Drugging our minds to repress these feelings and cutting our brains away and damaging them with electric shock is the answer of greedy and heartless people. How can you possibly have a heart and say that those things which seriously harm us are better than the ones which do not?

Though these treatments aren’t popular, they’re still practiced today, and they are completely legal in the United States. Lobotomy is now referred to as psychosurgery or cingulotomy. It is said that the procedure is performed as a last resort when treating mental illnesses. Of course the last resort we are speaking of is as far as the medical profession is concerned and knowing how fast they are to drug people I cannot help but wonder how many people have been numbed into silent lives of idiocy from these operations when they could have recovered and returned to a vibrant and worthwhile life. I see the medical professions answers to depression and anger as limited at best and gory and highly damaging at the worst.