Over the years as I have looked at natural healing and all of the amazing solutions it offers I have of course assessed my old ways of being when I used allopathic medicine. As I have watched others who continue to use allopathic medicine I have come to realize how important it is that we all have our own freedom to choose whatever we want to choose. However the children rely upon us to help them and heal them in their lives. It is perhaps the most concerning of all to me that we have an epidemic of ADD and prescription drug use by children. I believe it is a crime to give children psychotropic drugs when we know another way. We cannot be held accountable for that which we do not know. But surely it is up to each one of us to have an open mind and to seek out the most natural and the best for our children.

Walt Whitman said, If anything is Sacred, the Human Body is Sacred.

I want to follow this up by saying, ‘If anything is Precious it is our Children’ The labels we give them and the words we use to describe them can shape their destiny. Every person comes into this world with an array of gifts. When we focus upon the positive we make progress. When we look deeper into our lives in order to improve them and when we look to the natural and the simple ways we can find peace and joy.

Although Attention Deficit Disorder is said to have no known cause it is a known fact that when we eliminate additives and refined products there can be dramatic improvements. Drugs and advertising and man made food are great financial revenues. We need to be aware of the massive flood of chemicals, and pollutants, heavy metal toxicities, nutritional deficiencies, and food and chemical challenges.
You must look further for the fullness of truth.
Ritalin as with all other drugs is toxic and can be a short cut to suppress the symptoms but lead to further and deeper problems.
In 1996 the World Health Organization warned that Ritalin over-use has reached dangerous proportions. Many dangerous side effects have been increasingly observed, including heart attacks and death. Ritalin may provoke seizures and suppress growth. It may cause angina, blood pressure changes, depression etc. It has a very long list of serious side effects.
We must remember that as in many cases with depression, mental illness and such the medication gives relief to the people around them. It is not a cure.
Dr. Robert Mendelsohn noted: “No one has ever been able to demonstrate that drugs such as Cylert and Ritalin improve the academic performance of the children who take them…. The pupil is drugged to make life easier for his teacher, not to make it better and more productive for the child.”
So, first of all we need to look at what is causing millions of people to be sick and millions of children to be diagnosed with mental and emotional illnesses.

Could it be that there is always another way?

Could it be that in the craziness of all the false and frantic ways we find to ‘make ourselves well’ that the same ancient and simple healing tools are still right there in front of us?

Could it be that there are many other symptoms which mimic A.D.D. and when we label our children and put them on these dangerous drugs we are handicapping them more than the symptoms we need to get rid of naturally?

It concerns me deeply that our children are being labeled and drugged. It concerns me that we have given in to that which is simply creating more sickness. Yes, it may give some respite from the problem, but at what cost?

Do you know what I loved about my training at the School of Natural Healing?
It was this. We learned overall lifestyle changes. Simple basic rules that have been around since the earth began. You see, these laws are the laws of nature and the laws of health. Our bodies are self healing, and so are our minds. All you have to do is to know these laws and live them.

But what do we do? We begin to read up on natural healing and we take a herb or two here and then say it does not work. Or, we start to get clever about what is causing the problem. Amongst a plethora of symptoms and answers that we believe we have found we decide our child has a missing link which can only be cured by expensive equipment or treatments. Now, we have moved from the doctor’s office to someone else’s office and because we are still not addressing the simple basic problems we let our children continue on with the problem. I will give you an example. I was referred to a marvelous new cure that required a person to go for expensive treatments to cure allergies. For whatever reason the treatment did seem to work. I knew a number of people who used this treatment and it did get rid of the allergies, but along with getting rid of the allergies it provided an open doorway for the client to go back to eating the same foods which had caused the allergies in the first place. In other words, there was absolutely no nutritional guidance along with the treatment. Someone who could not eat dairy before, or white sugar, was now able to eat it. Yes, the symptoms later came back, with the added load of a toxic system.

I believe that the majority of cases can be turned around with a strong and positive program beginning by seeing that it is only understandable that our children react this way in a world gone mad with food additives, preservatives, chemicals, and inhalants.
We must address the imbalances and focus upon a full program of solutions. We need to address the blockages with cleansing, and address the nutritional deficiencies by nourishing and healing the body, mind and spirit. If the bowels are blocked then it is difficult for the body to assimilate vitamins and minerals. We begin by eliminating processed foods, colorings, preservatives, and artificial flavorings, and sugars have been shown to help the hyperactivity aspect of the affliction.
We then nourish with a mucusless diet, green drinks and Superfoods. A vegetarian diet is preferable and if meat is eaten it should be in very small supply from an organic and trusted source.

Our world has become an on over drugged, over labeled world where pharmacy companies are multi-billion dollar industries. We need to be careful not to exchange our own gifts, and the gifts of our children for a mess of pottage.
We need to create communities of powerful people. People of high integrity, most especially parents, who are willing to stand for what they believe in, However, this is not just for parents.

Join me in shaping your own life and your child’s into a brilliant shining understanding of who we truly are, as we follow the powerful ways of nature.