I strongly believe that in order to have massive change you must create massive change. To the degree you want success and happiness is the degree of effort you need to put in …and above. So, if you would rate your desires at a ten then your efforts have to match or surpass your desires.
So, for instance, if you want to stop smoking and all you do is paste an affirmation on your mirror that says, ‘I have stopped smoking’ then you’re not going to get very far. If you set out a program for yourself, creating a positive powerful mindset, herbal formulas to take, a support group, a different eating plan, hypnosis or meditations, now you have gathered your program together for success.  You may need help and support doing this and we are lucky to have many groups available as well as on line support.
You have to Reinvent Your Life to create a new way of being. It’s not enough to take a quick fix, or stop eating dairy while your still unconsciously eating processed foods and having negative thoughts. Yes, you can take things one step at a time but you’d better know where your heading and have a plan. And, as Churchill said, “Never, never give up!”

You must be bold and bodacious. Make radical changes. Leave your securities and your apathy behind. Be daring. Be nomadic. Be a revolutionary for your family, for your generation, for your self. Move into new experiences like a warrior without fear. Grasp the world as though it were something you have desired and sought for with the desperation of a thirsty traveller finding water, as though you are a seeker of treasure and you have just discovered jewels and gold beyond anything you could have ever dreamed of.
You want to look back with the most glorious joy at the pathway you have taken. And in the end all the darkness, and tears turn to laughter and rejoicing for the journey we Live In Joy.

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