First let me give you a You tube channel with the most wonderful videos on that you can leave on all night long. Google Power Thoughts Meditation Club.  These spoken meditations are superb.

You can also create your own affirmations:
Using Affirmations can help to change our mindset. You can easily create your own or just google the hundreds on the Internet. I like to put them on my walls or mirrors or record them on my iPhone. The more you write or speak or listen to them the more that they will affect your mind.

Your affirmations must be specific and believable.
Speak in present tense… I Am… not I am going to or I need or want to.
You can also use music in the background if you are recording.
Make the affirmations specific and ones you are able to believe. You may want to speak of the specific actions you’re going to take. For instance

There is no question that using affirmations is one of the most effective means to create a life and mindset of wealth, success and self fulfillment. Here are 5 simple steps that will make your affirmations more effective and create your new reality faster.

1. Create your own affirmations.
2. Record your affirmations using your own voice.

3. Repetition, The more often that your write, speak or listen to your affirmations, the greater and faster effect they will have upon your mind.

4. Use a musical background along with your affirmations. Science has proven that music can bring the mind into an alpha or theta state . this makes your mind more receptive.

5. Use a Q MindFit machine.  This is a sound and light machine which reprograms your mind.

Here are some affirmations:

Today is a day of love, success and empowerment. I am a healthy joyful kind intelligent
wise and successful person.
I use positive thought to bring me into my highest vibrations.
I have many truly loving and supportive friends and family.
However I also enjoy my alone time. I love being independent.
I hold myself in an extremely high vibrational pattern. In this highest of vibrations I succeed in all I set out to do.
I am relaxed and confident.
I am a powerful and passionate intentional creator.
I have developed the power to handle anything that comes my way.
I solve everything from the inside out.
I am proactive. I make wonderful solid plans and then I carry them out.
I have a deep and loving relationship with the divine.
I am non resistant.

I love to meditate
When I set my strong intention I can make anything happen. I accomplish all I set my mine to and it turns out wildly successful.
I create tremendous wealth and freedom and joy.
I am rich in every area of my life. In my relationships, my work, my play, my health, creativitity.

I live in great abundance.
I have a tremendous amount of riches coming in. I love money, riches and success and I use them all for the good of all, as well as the goodness of myself.
I am the greatest soulmate to my own self and I love myself.
I love to meet new friends. I rejoice constantly in all I have.
I live in gratitude. I am so deeply grateful for all I have. For my wonderful family and friends and my brilliant life and for my Creator.
I am incredibly abundant and I listen to words and music that resonate with my highest good.
I surround myself with people of very high vibrational energy.
I love to give and to receive.

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