Using the Internet for good can be a wonderful way to reprogram negativity.
You can record positive present time Affirmations for yourself using your own voice or another persons. You can look up free You Tube videos which inspire you. The Key words are inspiration and positive messages. You can use music also. Music has been a powerful way for me to change.
You can learn guided imagery which is very similar to hypnosis. I don’t use the word hypnosis much simply because it has a negative connotation with some. I avoid anything or anyone who stands as an authority figure to disempower. Guided Imagery is a beautiful way of no harm that empowers and creates a new positive mindset.
You can also use a product called Dream Manifesto software which runs in the background of your P.C. Dream Manifesto sets empowering messages to pop up at intervals throughout the day and they appear on your computer screen. The Dream Manifestation Wizard is an award winning software program that guides you in using intentions combined with images and audio, plus repetition, to re-program your subconscious in the most efficient way possible .