I feel it is vital to put a caveat at the beginning of a number of my articles. Although I have a disclaimer there are certain articles which speak of using natural healing and the possibility of coming off drugs. This is your choice and you are urged not to do so without a full plan in place and a competent professional who understands how to support you with this. 
Drugs are powerful. They can have serious side effects. When people learn of natural healing they sometimes desire to drop their drugs quickly. Please do not do this. Your health could be in serious jeopardy. Through out this site there are ways and means to change over to natural healing that you can educate yourself on and then go to someone to support and help you with your plan.

If I began this article by telling you that the greatest healing power is love you might roll your eyes and wonder how something which is many things to many people was going to help you. You need specifics in order to heal and I am going to give them to you. I am going to tell you of a form of love that is superior, and practical to all of man’s arsenal of medicine. It is a law that can be easily understood, and yet depending on how far you are away from this law it may not be as easily applied. However it free and open to all of us and it is worth more than all of the treasures of the world. Treasures mean nothing if you are ill and ailing. Throughout this site you will be able to study and understand the law of Love and the natural healing ways which can change your life forever, as they changed mine.
I believe that your success in natural healing rests upon these understandings. We all get to choose but what we choose brings different results for us. If at the end of this article you understand the message written here, and most of all if it speaks to your heart, then you will find useful and powerful information within this site to create excellence within your health in body, mind and spirit. If you disagree with the words in this article then you get to choose the medical model or whatever other way that you believe heals you. I honor your free will and your right to choose.
What you are about to read is, for me, and I believe for the rest of the world a gift beyond measure. It is so simple and yet so mis-used and misunderstood that millions ignore it, disbelieve it and refuse to act upon its precepts. The Essenes called it the ‘ Law of Love.’
These are the ways of “The Law of Love.’
The Law of Love is grounded in the laws of nature and consciousness.
The laws of love include the correct daily use of air, sunshine, water, movement etc. and of course the correct use of wholesome natural food from the earth.
The laws of love require that you leave behind the man made substances and artificial ways.
Our bodies were made to self heal.
Everything in our bodies, our world, our universe from our eyes, and ears and organs to the planets in the cosmos work in perfect order and synchronicity.
They were designed to work that way.
Things get out of balance only after man has decided to alter, destroy or meddle with this perfect order.
Little children or people born with birth defects or limitations are born this way due to genetic coding being out of alignment from previous generations. .
All that the Creator gives us to heal is natural and in perfect balance to create healing and wholeness.
There is nothing given to us by the Creator with regard to Vitalistic healing that would poison or harm us or create worse problems than before. While there may be poisonous things in nature this is not what we use to heal naturally.
Everything natural which we take within Vitalistic healing supports and empowers our body. It never disempowers the body or takes over the bodies job as drugs do.
Given free will and choice in our endless seeking to fix everything we create illness, wars, and all kinds of ills which we then spend billions of dollars on and incredible amounts of our time and energy trying to fix. Back before I knew anything about natural healing I was as programmed and as sure as the majority of people around me were that allopathic medicine was the way to go. I took drugs when told to. I had surgeries. I ate devalued artificial food and all in all did a pretty poor job of looking after my body. As I learned of natural healing I discovered a world of truth and empowerment. I believe that natural healing not only healed my life but also saved it.
I trained in a form of natural healing called Vitalism. I found that Vitalism encompasses all of the order of natural healing. By this I mean that Vitalism is the real deal. It is a total lifestyle. It is not an entity within itself. It is simply the way that the Creator has asked us to live in order to empower our body, mind and spirit and live a joyful life at one with Creation. It is not a product. It is not a single modality. It is the way to live to ensure good health and happiness and create empowerment so that our bodies can function effectively. Years later I realized that Vitalism was part of the law of love. While the Law of Love goes into greater detail because it encompasses our consciousness and teaches also of eternal laws Vitalism is a strong physical basis and a great place to begin to learn of natural healing.
The Law of love is spoken of in the Essene Gospels of Peace. These writings are similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls. They return our understanding to a time long before and to a people who understood the Law of Love. It was only as I read The Essene Gospels of Peace that I truly understood why the Law of Love was so vital within our lives.
I saw that the greatest love must act upon what it knows. The greatest love always empowers. It never detracts.
The greatest love works to create accountability within us and sees us all as one. There is never a hierarcHy. All things work together.
All things are open and free. They are simple and available to all.
I saw that our self healing body was not meant to work alone. All of creation was at our beck and call, to work with us as one. All of creation offered her gifts to us from a wise and loving Heavenly Father who had created ways to live in health and happiness and these means were all around us. These ways were the Law of Love and if they were called upon and used they would ensure excellent health and joy.
It is up to us then to choose into the Creator’s ways instead of man’s. It became patently clear to me that nothing needed to be fixed. We simply needed to leave behind all of the things that were not working and return to those blessings given to us by a loving Creator and live the laws which caused our body, mind and spirit to be free, whole healthy and joyous.
The greatest love has an order that works seamlessly with all the rest of Creation. When you deviate from it you become ill. When you return to it and leave behind the world’s false answers you begin to heal. The understanding of it is as simple as that. The application of it can be much harder but it is always possible. We have untold support at hand for those of us ready to make this change.
No-one can pretend or deny that God made the forests, the fields, the mountains, the trees, the sunshine and the rivers. Yet they will point to a drug and insist that this drug is better than the real thing and even back this up by saying that it was made from plants. The fact that man has separated the miraculous constituents within the plant which work perfectly together is brushed aside. The fact that the plant is now man’s creations, not God’s original creation, and the fact that chemicals are added with side effects is conveniently argued away .
Man has now created something which is powerful and which is often a quick fix and it is for sale. Sell it man will by any means he can. He will advertise and he will sell his wares. He will have whole universities set up to teach men who are seen to be of great learning. These men will be set above the common man. The simple and the natural will not only be forgotten it will be shunned and ridiculed. We will go to the hospitals and the offices of these men and look to them to tell us what to do with our bodies and our illnesses, and we will pay great sums of money to do it. We will pay other prices as well, in the form of side effects as the drugs create quick fixes but work against the natural laws of the body. As we have seen one of the great gifts we have been given is our free will and choice. If we have our free will and choice we get to create a world of joy and beauty and peaceor a world of sadness, cruelty and war. Guns and tanks are not the only weapons of war . I believe that all that harms or destroys God’s creation is a weapon of war. Does chemotherapy not go to war with cancer? And in doing so does it not also destroy the immune system and the ????
If choice and free will is so important could it be that not only are we meant to make wise decisions, based upon the natural and free gifts already given to us, but that we are also meant to be accountable for our life and our bodies and minds and spirits? Could it be that we are meant to know, each one of us, how to live in synchronicity with natural laws?
We get to choose. We get to listen to the advertisements and even to ignore the many dangerous side effects mentioned and fool ourselves into believing that the goodness of the drug or surgery outweighs the danger. Or, we can learn of natural ways and we can begin to change our lives.
If we decide to change our lives we must do so with great understanding and caution. Millions if not billions of us are on medication. We are a society seeped in drugs and surgeries. Even deeper than that there is a movement to create more and more labels for dis-ease so much so that we have an epidemic of illnesses that never even existed years ago. This is another topic but I will say that what we believe in gets to be created. The more we buy into for instance to the epidemic of ADD rather than see our children as the bright and brilliant beings they are the more the illnesses will escalate and the more money will go into the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry. If our children are in need of assistance and we feel their brightness and brilliance is dimmed or overshadowed then we need to look to the root cause of it. They are not a label. They are first and foremost who they were made to be. If something is dimming that light then we must support them and create outcomes which will empower them not leave them with lifetimes of drugs and labels. Unless of course we choose to do so. You get to choose.
Once we make the alterations and changes needed to return to natural ways, and once we cease to buy into the labels the more we will return to natural ways. These changes can happen in an incredibly short amount of time once the collective consciousness shifts. We will see our children and ourselves through different eyes. We will be the ones to understand who we are, how our bodies work and how nature supports us and the truth will indeed make us free.
We live in a time unlike any other, a time of chemicals and quick fixes unprecedented in the history of the world. This time will eventually run its course as we see once again that ultimately the laws of man are puny and the laws of the Creator stand firm. Great destruction can be done by us in the meantime but great good can also be done. For those of us who are awakening the time to do this is now. As the saying goes, If not me Who? If not now, when.