The Mucusless Diet
If you are looking for a healthy food diet.  A diet with real food from the earth and trees.  A diet which will go a long way to balancing your weight and keeping you healthy.  Then this diet might be for you.   In fact, it is t really a diet so much as the correct way to eat.   All of this information is taken from my studies to become a Master Herbalist and wonderful studies on nutrition at The School of Natural Healing, in Springville, Utah.

Basically, the mucusless diet consists of whole organic fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Dr. Christopher also includes a small amount of fish or organic chemical free chicken. I prefer a completely vegan diet, but this is up to you.

This diet, along with the food supplements mentioned below, supplies all the nutrients that the body requires. A mucusless diet requires the elimination of all mucus forming food. This includes the following: milk and milk products, meats, all especially refined flour, sugars, white rice, chemicals, and all processed devalued and junk food.

A mucusless diet means that we use foods in their wholesome state. Dr. Christopher also suggested a little cooked food was alright to eat. A completely raw diet can be hard to take for many people. He did, however, emphasize using plenty of both raw and cooked foods, not just cooked or just raw. I would encourage you to learn of the reasons why people use raw as well as learn of the best ways to cook food if you are going to do so.

For grains, Dr. Christopher recommended whole grains cooked on a very low heat. You can use a crock pot. You can also use a thermos overnight. You can use millet, buckwheat, rye, oat groats, wheat, or barley, and so on. Sprouted grains can also be used.

When you start this healthy food diet, Dr. Christopher suggested some natural supplements which can speed your healing.

Take a teaspoonful of cayenne in cold water three times a day. This is quite a bit to start with, so you should begin with 1/4 teaspoonful and work up to the full amount.

Use kelp instead of, or in addition to, sea salt. This provides many trace minerals and helps the thyroid gland rebuild. You can also take the kelp in tablets. If you cannot stand the taste, try dulse, which is milder, but still wonderfully full of minerals.

Take a tablespoon of molasses three times a day in warm water. You can also take it plain, but the molasses “coffee” is often preferred as a vitamin-B complex pick-me-up.

Take a tablespoonful of a good, fresh wheat germ oil three times a day. This provides vitamin E, which helps the system use oxygen.