The Shadow Writings are not the same as the Inspirational writings on my other menu which have tools and articles on how to get rid of depression.  They are my journey before I got rid of depression.  If you think you might be triggered please be responsible and do not read the articles here.

I deliberated over whether or not to share these writings and eventually felt it was important that I share them because I know there are times that people want to relate to those things that I have gone through.

I am in a very different place now than I was when I wrote these writings and I sincerely believe that it is important for us to focus upon the highest and the best.  This to me means that if you are suffering from depression the best place for you to be is to be looking at the inspirational tools for depression and doing all you can do to focus upon the present moment.

As I pondered on whether or not to include these writings it came to me that the scriptures would not be much use if they were only about joy and light and did not share the trials.  I have plenty to share in that way but honestly, I had no idea at the time that mulling over my past would simply create more suffering.  So please, be careful to focus on the very highest you can.  It is your life and your choice.  I do know though that it helped me to understand that others had been through what I had gone through so hopefully these writings will be of some benefit but as I say, take care to focus much more on the present and all the good that you can do and all the changes you can make.