The aim of life is self development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for. Oscar Wilde.

If you want to skip reading all the articles I have on this website and actually DO what I am going to tell you in this article, you’ll be far better off than reading and doing nothing. Hopefully, this first article will alert you to the things you can do to get better and then you will begin to read in more detail,and act upon those things you need to do. Illness is not healed by a magic pill or cutting something away. It is healed by your lifestyle change. Remove the things that are not helping you and replace with genuine food and a natural lifestyle.

There are universal laws. Live them and you stay well and happy. Deviate and you become sick and sad. I didn’t know them. I took prescription drugs. I ate crappy food. And I was incredibly sick and deeply depressed. I regard the information that I now know – based on universal laws – as my greatest treasure. Riches mean nothing if you haven’t got your health.

I want to mention products and selling. I was always so worried when I began my business about selling products. If it had been up to me I would have given everything away. And, actually I often did, I had a belief that selling was wrong. I just wanted to heal people without charging anything. I have come to understand that money is tied up with self worth and that its okay to sell products, especially if they can truly benefit. So I have not only mentioned some products in this article I genuinely believe them to be very helpful. But remember, you can totally recover and be healthy simply by changing your lifestyle

Because I care, because I know how awful depression and sickness can be and because I would like you to recover as soon as possible I’m putting the important things into a nutshell. So let’s get started.

What is written below are my beliefs. Many people share these beliefs. Some people don’t. I am not allowed to say that anything will cure you, so please take note of the disclaimer. We live in a topsy turvy world where the FDA can make claims about dangerous procedures but natural harmless ones are frowned upon, so I suggest you decide for yourself what is right for you. I do urge you however not to discontinue any kind of drugs or medical procedures without professional advice and a solid plan in place and support. The road back.org is a great place to check out.
Okay, so first of all in my training as a Master Herbalist I was told over and over that at the root of most illness was blockage. It is really important then that your bowel is working well and that you understand that a bowel movement three times a day after each meal is normal. A healthy stool is well formed and looks like a sausage or a snake. If you want to check out different kinds of poop to decode what is going on then Google ‘Bristol Stool Chart’.

Your stool or poop is like the engine light of your car. I cannot stress how important it is to have a healthy bowel. Your brain and gut communicate with each other. This influences your mood and your immune system and inflammation levels.

Our medicine is our food and our food is our medicine. That’s it.
Let’s cut to the chase. If it grows in the earth and on trees and bushes then you can eat it. Stop the ice cream, pizza, white and processed food and learn how to eat healthy delicious food. I have healthy delicious recipes on here for you for free and I have done my very best to provide as much as possible to teach you the best I know.

I suggest you put eight glasses or bottles of water out where you can see it through the day. I suggest you put your juicer out. I’ve worked with people who felt that it wasn’t ‘tidy’ to do that. One person who said that to me is still taking masses of prescription drugs and terribly depressed. Just so you know, her family decided she must stay with her doctors orders and stop all natural healing. She is very overweight and spends her time on the couch watching television and wanting to die. So, it’s your choice. Water is one of the greatest medicines on this earth, as is the sun and air and all of nature. Putting your water out will give you an idea of how much water you’re really drinking. Juicing has immense benefits and I suggest you look into them.

Okay your next very important thing to realize is that your thoughts have immense power. Our thoughts and our beliefs create our life. Negative thoughts and beliefs are like blockages in the mind. So, be keenly aware of this and become conscious of what you are thinking.

Whenever I felt especially down I began to realize that I would send up silent prayers to leave this earth. I mean I knew I was doing this but I didn’t realize how much. I would silently say, over and over again, “I can’t do this. It’s too much for me. I don’t want to be here.” And I would frequently use the mantra, “I want to die.” What we say over and over becomes a mantra. You can reprogram your brain so that you will consciously think good things. You can explore your beliefs and deconstruct and change them.

It’s interesting that the Hare Krishna people believe we live in the age of Khali, the age of arguments. They believe that chanting the name of God replaces these harmful thoughts. You can chant any name of the Divine that you like or simply replace your negative thoughts with good ones. That is easier said than done, however. That is why I give you numerous ideas in my articles to change your vibration and thoughts.

There are all kinds of processes you can use to redesign your thinking. I find it exciting and creative to do this. After all, we e all been programmed in one way or another.

We all know how important exercise and movement is for our health. Many studies have shown that exercise improves all round health as well as depression. Exercise enhances endorphins.

A study in The Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999, divided 156 men and women with depression into three groups. One group did aerobic exercise, another took Zoloft and the third group did both. At the 16 week mark 60% to 70% of all three groups could no longer be classed as having major depression. A follow up study found that exercises effect lasted longer than the effects of anti depressants.

Walking fast for about 35 minutes a day five times a week or 60 minutes a day three times as week had significant influence on mild to moderate depression. Fifteen minutes five times a week did not show the same results.
I made a promise to myself, when I made these web sites, that I would only ever sell excellent products that I truly believed in. One of those is the QMindfit. This is a sound and light brain wave entrainment which has specially encoded sessions to help maximize your brains potential.
Blue lights flash. With guided visualization firming mental images in the direction of your desired state, music plays and you relax and take a 20 minute mental vacation. I highly recommend this technology to help balance your brain. A 20 minute session gives your body an assimilation of 2-3 hours sleep and 20%increase in serotonin, dopamine, nitric oxygen de and norepinephrine. QMindfit helps to retrain your brain for maximum performance.
As I said it is a lifestyle change that is needed and so I am not recommending you buy this product and do nothing else. I do however believe that this is an excellent product to help and bless your life in addition to the changes you make.

In my training with The School of Natural Healing I learned that we should receive our nutrients from our food. Dr John Ray Christopher’s son, David, runs the school at this time and I have been so blessed to learn natural healing. His father Dr. John Ray Christopher, was known as The Father of Herbalism. He was a great and good man with very high integrity. He was there to heal people and he knew they could receive all they needed in the way of nutrients from their food. I love that he would tell people which herbs were growing in their garden and empower them this way.

However, time has gone by and many people are eating the most devalued food. Many refuse to buy organic. I am all for bridges and creating a way to soften the transitions you will need to make. There is a product called Q96 that is having amazing results. Q96 is the most researched micronutrient formula in the world. It is backed by over 26 studies published in top scientific journals. Q96 is a correctly balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients and antioxidants. Q96 provides essential nutritional support to the brain and nervous system. Again I am not allowed to make any claims of healing I simply would refer you to the many videos and articles on this product.

Especially check out The Tony Stephan Empowerplus Q96 story to know how this came about.
His wife and another family member had already committed suicide. He wanted to save his children. One was violent bipolar. The other schizophrenic and suicidal. Both are living happy lives and are off all medications.

As Tony Stephan searched and prayed for an answer to save his children he met a friend who remarked that his sons violent behavior reminded him of the pigs he looked after who would bit each other’s ears and tails off. Once the pigs were given the correct nutrients they were calm.
I believe this product to be of great help. Again, as always, I strongly encourage lifestyle changes while you take this product.


Again, I strongly suggest that the most important tool you can use is to change your lifestyle, which costs you nothing. I am certainly not someone who would tell you to find one product or method to use to relieve sickness or depression. However, there are tried and tested things that I believe are excellent. I love essential oils. Lavender oil, for instance has a powerful effect on burns.
The top essential oils that I would use for depression would be Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang. I would also use Rose. It is pricy but delicious in every way.
They have a direct effect upon the parts of the brain that control anxiety and fear.

A study in 2008 with 58 hospice patients showed less pain and depression for all patients after receiving hand massage of essential oils. The blend was bergamot, frankincense and lavender.

A study in Taiwan administered 10 minute long weekly inhalation a of aromatherapy. This revealed a significant reduction in blood pressure and heart rate and a balancing of the autonomic nervous system for participants with moderate to high anxiety. There was even a study done on animals that revealed anxiety relief.

You can also try homeopathics, flower essences, and herbs. I’ll speak more of herbs in a moment.

Dr Christopher’s herbal formulas are wonderful. Please read more in the corresponding articles.

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The following are methods I have used for depression and self help.

Learn Ho’oponopono
Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique
Goal setting
Inspirational Quotes
Theta Healing
Watch You Tube videos
Learn Mindfulness
Meditation/Guided mediation/mantra meditation