A friend of mine on Facebook asked “Does God answer earnest prayers?”  This was my answer to him.   This could be framed as “When our hearts are focused do we get what we want?”
The question that precedes this is – “Is there a God?” For those who believe then there is. For those who don’t, whether there is a God or not they are still receiving the blessings of an incredible universe but they see things differently or may focus or not focus upon all that is good. Whatever we focus upon is what we get and if only I had known that as a young person my life would have turned out very differently. Nevertheless I now know it and the knowledge blesses my life daily. . Now I am not blaming others for not believing. Its just a mindset. And like I said earlier it is really all about love and kindness respect and allowance. You don’t have to put others down to have your own belief. Anyway, I am reminded of a time I prayed to God to die because I was in so much pain. Something incredible happened ( at least I thought it was and you can believe it or not) It was a beautiful Summers day and I was in my car. The pain from the accident I’d had was so severe and had gone on for a long time. I really did not know how I could go on and it seemed to me a lot better to leave this life and I was praying for that. I would never commit suicide as it would hurt my family too much but if anyone has had severe chronic pain they understand where I was coming from. (By the way I eventually got rid of the pain and so my answer came not as death but as recovery) But on this day all I could think of was leaving this earth. As I prayed it came into my head to call a family whose daughter gave talks on seeing Christ when she was very ill. I felt prompted to call the father but I had no idea what his phone number was. For want of privacy lets call him James Walters.. Anyway, I remember thinking that my friend, Marlene, would know their number. So I called her. A voice answered, “This is the Walters family.” I got very excited and could not believe my ears. I remember that I said something like, “No, It can’t be! Oh my gosh!’ I spluttered on like this and then said, “Oh it must be a coincidence. Forgive me. I was looking for James Walters – the father of Cindy.” The woman replied, “Yes, that is right. This is his wife.” I explained to her how I had been feeling so ill and praying and what had happened. I was so elated that such an incredible thing had happened and I saw it as an answer from God and Angels that they knew who I was and that I was being watched over. I said goodbye to her ( I never did talk to the father – it was not necessary) I was so happy to receive what I saw as a very direct answer that I was cared for and understood. I remember there was a river nearby and I took my high heels off and threw them in the river. It was an act of freedom for me. (High heels and bras are such restrictions). I still struggled with pain for years after and yes, there were still times I asked to leave this earth before I understood there were better ways and better questions to ask. (By the way, the way I got rid of the pain eventually was mainly by changing my beliefs.)
You don’t have to believe in God but you do not have to put down others who do, just as we who believe do not have to put down the ones who don’t. For me this is only one experience of many that I have had. I have a tremendous belief in a loving Creator and I believe we are all created from the Divine of both male and female. There is yin and yang. Dark and light. And we are given immense free will but every now and then we are reminded of truth. If you don’t want to believe, you don’t have to, but as for me I love messages from God, messages from angels and that is a lot different to man’s religions. It is my personal connection to the Divine and I love it. I am very clear that my thoughts and my words have immense power. I have been given this freedom to choose where I focus. I have been given the power to learn, to grow, to know joy and love and peace. Or to create a miserable world for myself. I used to do that by default. Once we are conscious we get to choose. We are on a journey of growth. We would not grow if God stepped in and answered every desire. Often we get to answer our own questions and often we do not do a very good job of it but often we do and the answers can be found in silence and meditation and we feel the feelings and we move forward. Every now and then God/angels step in and gift us. Why? Well that is another question isn’t it? Namaste