Juicing is very cleansing to our blood and will help us to pre-digest food. When you eat a carrot, you are only able to assimilate 1% of the beta-carotene, when you juice, you are able to assimilate nearly 100% of the beta-carotene! Solid foods require many hours of digestion before any nutrient is made available to the cells. Juices are assimilated within 15 minutes of consumption. The body can quickly distribute the much needed enzymes to other parts of the body to heal, build, restore and repair.

Green juices are loaded with enzymes and iron and all kinds of nutrients and vitamins. 100g of spinach and 50g of parsley had much more iron than 300g of beef or milk.
As green juice is digested it cleans bacteria and undigested food. When we juice we are able to extract most all of the nutrients from the fibers. We also quickly assimilate and absorb the nutrients. juices do not keep as long as its natural whole form. When juice gets exposed to the air, it quickly starts to lose its nutrients so consume immediately after being juiced.

When you begin juicing you might want to start with the more common produce first which are easier on your stomach. Carrots, apples, oranges or watermelons are gentle and mild on your taste bud and on your stomach. You could add a tomato or orang or a beetroot.

If you are beginning green drinks try cucumber and celery first because they are easy to drink. The greener the vegetables, the more nutritionally valuable they are, but also the less palatable. Add lettuce and spinach. You might want to mix your green juices with coconut water or carrot or apple juice. Spirulina and wheatgrass added to your drinks are some of the richest sources of nutrients. You can also add coconut oil or ground nuts or protein powder.

Juicing should be a pleasant experience. Try different recipes and listen to your body.