You are Beautiful. Yes, even though I have never met you…I Know that you are Beautiful.

You may hide that beauty, you may cover it up with scowls, or make up, baggy clothes, disbelief in your self but when it is all said and done….

All you have to do is to decide that you are. I don’t care of you have a big nose, small breasts, or even what the world, or you, might call a deformity. I don’t care if you have spots or pimples, scars or missing limbs, you, my friend CAN …If you so choose exude beauty.

We are blessed with people such as Ashley Hegi a lovely young girl who has progeria, a diseases which causes rapid aging And Nick Vujicic, an incredibly vibrant, inspirational young man with no limbs. Ashley and Nick and others like him show us what true courage strength and indelible beauty truly is.

Now we have criteria as to what we feel, especially in our western world is Beautiful. I adhere to a lot of it. I am vain and I used to be a cosmetologist.
But I’m not stupid. I know what true beauty is. It isn’t necessarily a model on a catwalk or a famous film star such as Elizabeth Taylor, or one of my favorites, Audrey Hepburn. It is ultimately those who rise above the odds. It is shown in a sparkling smile. It is the truth if joy and love that comes from our hearts. It is pure thoughts and the beauty of never giving up on ourselves or others and the understanding and action of compassion and Unconditional Love.

So, is it wrong to focus upon what the world sees as beauty also?
Well, if it is, then I’m wrong.

I LOVE to feel pretty, to wear make up and nail varnish and to glitter like gold.
I just love it!
And I’m not one bit ashamed. I just think that Beauty is for all of us, not just some of us, and that there is no specific way that we have to look.
Can we look at a cat or an elephant even….and see it as Beautiful? Of course we can! So why do we feel that as humans we all have to look the same?

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Now, I’ve been blessed with great genes and some might say, “Oh well it’s easy for you. You come from a beautiful looking family….the way the western world sees things. I do! I’m grateful for that and yes, it most definitely makes life easier for me.
Does that mean I don’t see the beauty in others, no matter what differences there are?
No, it doesn’t. I was privileged to work for a number of years with Special Needs children and adults.
They were some of THE most Beautiful of people I have ever met. It was an honor to work with them, yes, even when Jimmy Baines plastered himself with feces and when Kathy Scott got one of the workmen in a headlock and wouldn’t let him go.
I realize some of you may say, “What is beautiful about that!” Well, I’m not talking about those specific instances as beautiful although they did turn out to be incredibly funny in the long run. The ultimate truth is that every one of these people were amazingly beautiful to me….because their spirits exuded beauty. If they can exude beauty, so can you and at the same time we can learn to accept our bodies, our differences and our specific unique traits.

I’m sure someone somewhere is going, “Is this woman okay? She’s trying to teach us about Beauty by mentioning Special Needs kids and animals, but I hope lots more of you can SEE what I Am saying.

Outer beauty is a set of habits to make t